One year after the crime of Lucas González, family and friends marched in front of the Courts
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Yesterday he Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 25 He set for March 16, 2023 the start of the oral trial to which 14 City Police officers accused of the crime will be subjected.

“The trial begins on March 16. Today his friends and family will remember him. 19 hours in Plaza Lavalle. Join them! #JusticiaPorLucas”the family lawyer tweeted this morning, Gregory Dalbon.

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The main speakers at this afternoon’s event will be the parents of Lucas, Hector “Peca” Gonzalez Y Cynthia Lopezwhile the three friends who were with the victim when she was killed, who were also persecuted and subjected to torture by the police, will also speak.

The parents of Luke they specially asked the assistants to carry a candle or an Argentine flag, but without political slogans.

“If you want you can go with a poster of Lucas or if you are relatives of victims take photos of your angels, but we do not want to politicize the concentration. Come with a candle or an Argentine flag”they said.

The crime of Luke It happened on the morning of November 17, 2021, when the young man and three friends left training at the soccer club. central barracks and they got on the volkswagen suran of the father of one of them, to return to the Buenos Aires town of Florencio Varelawhere did they live.

After stopping at a kiosk, they began to be chased by a nissan tiidain which they circulated three policemen of the Brigade 6 of the 4D Neighborhood Police Stationwho carried out field tasks at the intersection of Iriarte and Vélez Sarsfield avenues.

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According to the investigation, the police officers informed the police communications service that they were chasing a car with “four juvenile-looking males, young”referred “they were armed”and they crossed the Nissan Tiida to stop them.

As the brigade’s car did not have any identification and the policemen did not wear vests or police uniforms, the boys thought they might be thieves and wanted to escape, but that was when the police officers fired at the Volkswagen Suran.

Lucas was shot twice, one of them in the head, which caused his death the next day at El Cruce Hospitalby Florencio Varela.

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