Virtual store will allow sale of different products, such as clothes and other items.
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Soon, the creators of OnlyFans will be able to sell personalized items directly through the social network🇧🇷 The platform announced a tool for creating online stores for selling different productssuch as clothing, stickers, and other physical materials.

the news is a partnership between the British website and e-commerce company Spring🇧🇷 Working with other social networks, the company supports more than 5.5 million creators’ virtual stores.

Virtual store will allow sale of different products, such as clothes and other items.Source: OnlyFans/Disclosure

OnlyFans allows different creators — musicians, artists, and especially sex workers — to sell content directly to fans. Users pay a monthly fee of up to US$50 (R$270), while the site charges a 20% commission.

By adding support for online stores, the platform invests in “social commerce”🇧🇷 Adopted by Meta (Facebook and Instagram), YouTube and TikTok, the format allows consumers to buy directly through social networks.

In this way, OnlyFans creators will gain one more way to generate revenue through the platform. For example, musicians and bands will be able to sell t-shirts, stickers and physical versions of their records.

Today, the site boasts over 220 million general users and over 3 million creators. A recent financial report revealed that the social network earned $932 million in revenue in 2021 and $433 million in profits (excluding taxes).

OnlyFans also added a creator page statistics tool.OnlyFans also added a creator page statistics tool.Source: OnlyFans/Disclosure

More news for OnlyFans creators

O OnlyFans also announced new tools for creators to manage their accounts.🇧🇷 For example, it will be possible to follow page statistics, a detailed analysis of viewers and engagement data.

This is yet another effort by the platform to attract new creators and increase the number of users. Remembering that this is the only major social media that allows you to monetize adult content made by creatorssomething vetoed by competitors from Meta and TikTok.

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