A company offers $ 78,000 per year to try treats from your home


Director of Sweets

As explained by the company spokesperson, the current goal is to hire a “Chief Candy Officer” either “BCC” to coordinate the tasks of the golosinologists in their objective of find the best possible flavors.

“We are now in search of a Director of Sweets, who will guide our sweet tooth lovers down the sweetest path possible!”affirmed Janakijevski-Rebelo.



The responsibilities of the position include the approval of new products with the “CCO” label, the organization of “candy council meetings” and fulfill the role of “main taster”. Not to mention support for “all things fun” of the business.

Requirements to be a Candy Director

The offer is open to anyone older than five years who lives in North America. However, the main requirements include having “golden taste buds” and a “obvious passion for sweets”according to the statement published on the website of professionals LinkedIn.

Candy Funhouse said she received more than 100,000 applications in two weeks. “Most are from Adultsbut about 25% they are for children,” the spokeswoman said.


On social media, the ad is a big hit with Internet users of all ages. An American user, matthew crooksindicated on Twitter that her eight-year-old daughter had created a LinkedIn profile just to apply.

“It’s official @candyfunhouseca, she has applied for the position. Thank you for helping her learn about hard work and the importance of a good resume, even though she is only eight years old.Crooks wrote.

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Once hired, Candy Funhouse assured that the Candy Director will undergo a “extensive tasting training”. Not to mention that you will have many job benefits, such as “a comprehensive dental plan”.

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