Oscar Parrilli, national senator.

The national senator of the Front of All Oscar Parrilli accused the members of the Supreme Court of Justice of having “a vocation to destroy the presidential image” for the highest court’s criticism of policies against drug trafficking. “They are attributed powers they do not have,” accused the legislator.

Parrilli assured that from the Supreme Court “they are demonstrating a vocation to destroy the presidential image, assault the Executive Power” in dialogue with Fernando Borroni in the990. The Senator questioned the speeches of the president of the highest court, Horace Rosatti, and the magistrate of that body Ricardo Lorenzetti during the meeting of the Association of Federal Judges (Ajufe), which took place days ago in the city of Rosario.

“The surprising thing is that, for four years, when the macrismo dedicated itself to putting aside the policies that combat drug trafficking, they kept their mouths shut,” Parrilli emphasized, adding: “With this they are clearly demonstrating a vocation to destroy the presidential image , assault the Executive Power. They behave as what they are, the judicial arm of macrismo”.

The Court disembarks in Rosario and some describe its presence as an “overacting”

The Kirchnerist referent also questioned the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Gustavo Béliz, whom he blamed for being “sleeping a file 100 days ago and delaying the start of the Atucha III work.” “Béliz was summoned to the Senate. It would seem that in Strategic Planning interests that are not from Argentina are defended, that is why we have summoned it,” he lamented.

Payment project to the IMF with “fleeing dollars”

The national senator stressed that the government managed to pass the law promoted by Kirchnerism so that the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is paid based on the recovery of “escaped dollars” from evaders who have assets abroad that have not been declared before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

“This bill is the expression of the block of the entire Front of All. What is clear to the entire block is that we do not want to govern with the tutelage of the IMF“, he remarked. “We are leaders of what (former president) Néstor Kirchner carried out, who canceled the debt and prevented the Fund from continuing to condition government measures. We want to get rid of the Monetary Fund,” he insisted.

Parrilli warned that when the debt to the multilateral credit organization begins to be paid, “harmful consequences will be generated for the country.” “That’s why we believe that those who benefited should pay it, because the money just came in and left,” he concluded.

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