FILE PHOTO.  World Champions: Bilardo with Nery Pumpido, Oscar Ruggeri, Oscar Garré, Héctor Enrique, Julio Olarticoechea, Carlos Tapia and Ricardo Giusti (Source: Twitter)
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The Argentina national team fell 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in the debut of the World Cup Qatar 2022. Without a doubt, a very hard blow. The former champion defender in Mexico 1986 Oscar Ruggeriin his role as a sports columnist, did an analysis in the program so that he works in ESPN and he highlighted some points that for him the Albiceleste should modify if they want to go to the round of 16 of the tournament.

“The Selection must deepen the concentration to the smallest detail”started. On Saturday the team led by Lionel Scaloni will play with Mexico and it will be a key game since they must win to correct their course in the area.

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El Cabezón spoke about this situation and made it clear how he would have to play to get a ticket to the round of 16: “If we don’t get the batteries that we have to run when we don’t have the ball and put a little more like they put us in the first game, we’re going to have a hard time against Mexico.”

Then he dealt with those who want to make several changes to the starting team after the malfunction on Tuesday: “This Selection brought us here playing in a way that excited us all, and we loved it, it seems crazy to me now to say that changes have to be made because there is no time”.

FILE PHOTO. World Champions: Bilardo with Nery Pumpido, Oscar Ruggeri, Oscar Garré, Héctor Enrique, Julio Olarticoechea, Carlos Tapia and Ricardo Giusti (Source: Twitter)

Possible changes in the starting team to face Mexico in the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Lisandro Martínez and Julián Álvarez are the names that turn the head of the coach, who could leave Cuti Romero and Papu Gómez out of the starting team.

Another of the doubts of the coaching staff goes through the left side since if well Nicolas Tagliafico had a good match against Saudi Arabia, the presence of coin It would give it more depth and overflow.

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In the training session this Wednesday, the substitutes and those who had few minutes in the loss to Saudi Arabiawhile those who were starters were in the gym and did light tasks.

Mario Kempes destroyed the National Team: “Argentina exceeded the rival, very cancheritos at times”

“The games are never won before playing them. I think that Argentina left the rival a little bit, very cancheritos at times, and paid for it. Now we have to put on the work overalls again, forget that they are the figures and the ones chosen by all as candidates to win the world championship, and start from scratch”, indicated the Matador in dialogue with Radio 95.1 Pulse.

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When asked to point out the moments in which you noticed “cancheritos” to the players, the world champion in 1978 replied: “Here they put everyone in the same bag. Here there is no one or the other, I think Argentina surpassed the rival and it seemed that it was a slightly easier game than what was seen. There may have been the big mistake. But hey, this continues and helps Argentina to be Argentina again, with a different temperament, with a different ambition and with more calm”.

Mario Kempes destroyed the National Team:
Mario Kempes destroyed the National Team: “Argentina surpassed the rival, very cancheritos at times” (Photo: Instagram @mario.kempes78)

Kempes also stressed that the figures of the national team did not appear, which was very limited in the game: “The great figures of Argentina did not appear. And that tipped the balance to the side of Saudi Arabia.. I believe that half of the field was disarmed in the precipitation, the place where you have the greatest power. But the inaccuracies and the two goals scored against him in less than ten minutes loosened the plans a bit and well, despair can make you wrong.

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