Ostend sends Bergen walking with pandoering: Sea captains do not grant Borains a glimmer of hope


Filou Oostende made a demonstration of the third semi-final in the play-offs against Union Bergen. Barely six minutes there was some tension. The 90-48 final score says it all: the Sea Captains were ready against the Vossen from Hainaut.

Nzekwesi determined the starting phase of this match and kept his team in the lead for a handful of minutes. The second quarter was of high quality on the Ostend side. The ball moved through many hands and usually landed neatly in the basket. Conger crossed the 10-point mark at 27-16 in the fourteenth minute. After the break, Ostend intensified the pressure even more. With their defensive strength and remarkable shot purity, the Sea Captains didn’t give the brave Borains a glimmer of hope. After exactly 24 minutes, Booth turned the thirty-something (60-29) into the basket on an assist from Gillet. That was a 15-4 rush in four minutes. On steal and past Penava, Gillet scored the 70-37 score just before half an hour. Penava answered at the free throw line with two balls: 70-39.

The match was all decided. Pintelon still placed the forties on the board: 90-48. From the stands, Djordjevic (an annoying foot sole injury) saw that van der Vuurst again achieved a double-double (12 points, 11 assists). The assist balance between the two teams (28-12) also clearly showed who had the best collective. The Zeekapiteins, who were national champions in the ten previous seasons, are again a finalist and will start the decisive series at home against Kangaroos Mechelen or Leuven Bears on Saturday 21 May.

OSTEND: (36 out of 63 of which 10 out of 25 three-pointers, 8 out of 13 free throws, 18 errors) RANDOLPH 2-4, BOOTH 4-4, VAN DER VUURST 5-7, BRATANOVIC 2-6, JANTUNEN 2-2, Conger 7- 9,-Buysschaert 6-0, Gillet 10-7, Troisfontaines 7-3, Kediambiko 0-0, Pintelon 0-3.

BERGEN: (18 out of 54 of which 1 out of 13 three-pointers, 11 out of 15 free throws, 20 errors) MINTOGO 0-0, NZEKWESI 12-6, PASALIC 0-0, TYUS 5-0, HENSON 2-0, Cage 0-0, Mortant 0-4, Nichols 0-8, Penava 6-5.

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