Our Country initiates a social and political debate on the organization of the Summer Olympics

The Our Country Movement is initiating a social and political debate about Hungary bidding for the 2036 Summer Olympics, said Előd Novák, the party’s vice-president and member of parliament, at a press conference in Budapest.

The politician explained that Hungary is one of the most successful Olympic nations in the world in terms of population, which is why he thinks Hungary deserves a five-ring game.

Előd Novák said that in addition to the benefits of infrastructure investments, the Summer Olympics will boost the economy of the host region in the long run, as well as the economy and tourism.

The politician also reminded that Hungary will once again host the World Water Championships this year, which is the third largest sporting event in the world, and that a significant part of the facilities needed to host the Olympics are available.

Előd Novák emphasized that non-governmental organizations and political parties would be involved in the planning and investment process, thus helping to curb “peak corruption”.

The politician of Our Country also called on the government and the opposition side to declare the conditions under which they would support the country to bid for the summer games, MTI reported.

(Cover image: Novák Előd. Photo: Ruzsovics Dorina / Index)

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