Out of nowhere, motorcyclist throws rock at kitten in Cohafama;  watch video

Animal protectors try to identify the motorcyclist to report the case to the Civil Police

Cases of mistreatment of animals continue to accumulate in the Capital and are impressive due to the cowardice and gratuitousness of the attacks. In the most recent case, which took place last Wednesday night (11) in Bairro Cohafama, a motorcyclist appears throwing something, possibly a stone at a kitten on Rua Botucatu.

After being hit, the animal struggles several times until it manages to run away. He was never seen by the neighbors again. The man then leaves the scene pushing his motorcycle. A security camera caught the attack and the images are disturbing.

The situation generated the revolt of the residents and animal protectors, who are now trying to identify the motorcyclist. The suspicion is that he is a motorcycle delivery man, some residents would have seen him around the neighborhood, causing “confusion”, but they do not know the identity of the motorcyclist. The suspicion is that he doesn’t even live in the neighborhood.

“We are trying to make the video viral to see if anyone knows who he is and can file a complaint,” comments animal protector Daniele Ocampos. Even in motorcycle delivery groups, the protector says she shared the video in search of help in identifying the man.

According to Daniele, the street residents themselves have avoided getting involved for fear of reprisals from the unknown. According to the protector, the affected kitten was community as well as others who live there. They are neutered and fed by neighbors. “There are several cats that the neighborhood takes care of, out of nowhere, this monster appears and does this evil”, laments Daniele.

As determined by the report, until this afternoon the case had not yet been formally reported to Decat (Delegation Specialized for Repression of Environmental Crimes and Tourist Assistance), since the identification of the suspect is still missing. The address and video were forwarded to the police station by the report.

Anyone who knows the identity of the motorcyclist can contact Daniele (67) 9 91501991 or the police station at (67) 3325-2567.

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