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Luiza Possi ends the third season of “Sai da Caixa” welcoming Gabi Martins. The country singer – who participated in the “BBB 20” (TV Globo), recalled what she gained in reality: a few extra pounds. According to her, there was a fan who chased her asking her to give her confinement crush one more chance and another one that made her stop at the police.

Gabi Martins accumulates almost 13 million followers in just one social network. Luiza Possi was surprised by the numbers and asked the singer to remember some curious situations she experienced with her fans. There were few.

Owner of the hit “Neném”, which became known to the general public while she was still at the house, Gabi found herself in a delicate situation with a fan. According to her, he chased her and even went to her concierge: “He left a bottle and a piece of jewelry,” she said.

“I was scared”, she recalled that she saw the signature of the gift and found it in messages sent on a social network. He used to say like a baby: ‘I’m going to pat your little ass’. This guy started following me places, I had to go to the police. I found out that he was 33 years old, married and spoke like a baby. Gabi Martins

Luiza Possi welcomes Gabi Martins at ‘Sai da Caixa’

Image: Reinaldo Canato/UOL

Romance on BBB

While at the house, Gabi Martins got involved with Gui Napolitano. The affair did not go forward, but there was a fan who found himself in the situation and went after Gabi to guide her to give another way to the situation.

“She left Brasília and, out of nowhere, showed up at my house,” she began. During the conversation, the fan thanked her for her affection, spoke of her admiration for the singer and opened her heart.

She said that she was still a fan of my old ‘ship’ on ‘Big Brother’ and that she wanted me to get back with him, that he was the love of my life. Gabi Martins

The fan’s visit also had a revelation of her personal life that left Gabi feeling sorry for the person’s husband: “She said: ‘I’ve been married for 10 years, but I don’t love my husband. man of my life and I lost him, today I’m with my husband'”, she recalled.

Shocked by the outburst, Gabi questioned her reasons for continuing with her husband and the fan reinforced the request: “You have the chance in your hand”.

You can watch the entire program from UOL channel here

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