The third season of ‘Sai da Caixa’ is on the air and with many new guests. After welcoming Lucas Silveira, the lead singer of Fresno, Luiza Possi opened the door for an intimate and musical conversation with Tierry.

The singer chose “Hackearam-me”, recorded with Marília Mendonça, as the most important song of his career, spoke of his friendship and partnership with the eternal queen of suffering and also recalled how he received the news of the singer’s death.

‘Sai da Caixa’ airs every Wednesday at 2 pm on UOL channel.

Tierry told how Marília Mendonça was invited to record “Hackearam-me”. According to him, the song was already bursting and accumulating more than 50 million views, until he saw Marília singing a version with the guitar, inside a room and with low light.

She posted it in the feed, I went there and sent one [mensagem] to her: ‘Mama, are we going to record this song on my DVD?’ and she did. “Hacked Me” is by far the most important song of my life. Tierry

This isn’t the first time “Hacked Me” has been featured on the show. In the second season, with a presentation by Tiago Abravanel, singer Simony came out of the box and released her voice in the sertanejo. The version was commented on by the presenter inside the house of “BBB 22”, and approved by Tierry: “I saw it, I loved it and I was very happy”, she said.

competitors and friends

The singer revealed a ‘healthy dispute’ he had with Marília. As both are great songwriters, they joked about who wrote the most, who they were writing for: “And it was really cool.”

Maria was different! Her voice, her interpretation was really queen, who she knew. That clean singing, that clean voice. I say that very few artists have a clean voice like hers. Tierry

And with a male voice, for Tierry, Rust and Pericles – who participated in the first season of the program – are the best interpreters with a clean voice.

Tierry at ‘Sai da Caixa’: Behind the scenes of recording with Luiza Possi

‘I’ve never cried so much’

The 5th of November was marked among the singer’s friends and the legacy of fans. Tierry said that when he received the news of the plane crash, he stopped the car he was driving in a lane: “I leaned my forehead on the steering wheel and said: ‘It’s not going to be anything'”, he recalled.

That same day, he was going to São Paulo to record a clip with Zezé, until the news was confirmed: “I’ve never cried so much. At the time I was desperate”, he said.

Maria is a reference. Close to Marília, you tremble because she was so gigantic. Joy, sweetness, treated everyone well. An example of behavior, of knowing how to be an artist. She knew what she was doing. Tierry

Tierry - Carine Wallauer - Carine Wallauer

Luiza Possi and Tierry sing together in the third season of the program

Image: Carine Wallauer

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