The third season of “Sai da Caixa” is on the air and with unpublished guests. Luiza Possi has already made the country duo Marcos & Belutti open their hearts, João Figueiredo come out of the box and it’s time for Lucas Silveira, frontman of Fresno, to surprise in the pagode. That’s right.

The musical program airs every Wednesday at 2 pm on UOL channel, always with a different guest. Fiuk, Tierry, Gabi Martins and other names will still be here.

In the conversation, Lucas Silveira made a confession to Luiza Possi that could surprise many fans of the band. The singer said that he always circulates in several ‘random rolês’, and one of them is in the pagoda.

People are connected, pagodeiros are connected, which I like [do pagode]. On a date that has a pagoda, the guys know who I am. The guy in the band who likes pagode and plays cavaco. Lucas Silveira

Since the program proposes that the guests go completely out of the box, Lucas accepted and chose a song that marked the 90’s. According to him, it’s not quite a classic, but it was very modern for the time. The chosen one was “Tô Te Filmando”, by Os Travessos: “It’s an r & b, that enters the tambourines”, he explained.

It’s a song that I like a lot, its melody is completely emo, high, sad, dramatic. Lucas Silveira

Out of the box: Luiza Possi welcomes Lucas Silveira; check out the backstage

Reference as melody

The singer recalled that the pagode was the biggest music reference with melody that he had. But has he already taken the tune to Fresno? It seems so: “When I want to make one without thinking, naturally, for me it’s always a very lazy melody, very Negritude, Só Para Contrariar”.

You can watch the entire program from UOL channel here

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