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Actor Jesse Williams (right) © Shutterstock

Actor Jesse Williams, known to the general public thanks to Grey’s Anatomy, takes part in a Broadway play in which he goes naked. And despite a ban on taking photos during the play, someone from the audience has now leaked images.

Kate De Coninck

Jesse Williams (40) became known as Dr. Jackson Avery, the plastic surgeon with the pretty blue eyes from hospital series Grey’s Anatomy† He retired from his role last year after twelve seasons and recently made his stage debut on Broadway, New York’s theater district. He has already garnered a lot of praise for his portrayal in take me out, in which he plays a professional baseball player who comes out of the closet. Now he’s reaping praise for… other things.

The piece contains some scenes in which Williams can be seen completely naked. The actor indicated in advance that he was ‘terrified’, but that it was just right to be challenged. Although the necessary precautions were taken – for example, every visitor must leave their telephone locked before the performance – someone has still violated the telephone ban and filmed the nude scenes. The images spread like wildfire on Twitter. They are enthusiastically shared and commented on. #DAMN is pretty much the general reaction, and it also wants to talk about the length of William’s penis.

“Whoever took one for the team and snuck camera to broadway to give us these Jesse Williams videos, thanks” shares @sameolegal.

Second stage theatre, the company that staged the play, condemned the action and spoke of “sexual harassment and disgusting breach of trust”. It also pointed out that sharing nude images without one’s consent could have serious legal consequences.

Fellow actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, also seen in take me out and best known for modern familyalso spoke out on Twitter.

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Williams himself sat on the sofa with TV host Andy Cohen last night during Watch what happens live on American TV. His reaction to all the nudity in the play? “It’s a body. No more or less. And yes, yes, it’s a boy. I just shouldn’t make too much of a fuss about it.”

The theater will in any case provide extra staff to monitor compliance with the measures even more strictly. And for those who happen to be in New York: there are still tickets!

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