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the spanish musician Pablo Alboran has an appointment with Dominican fans for two nights.

The romantic music bestseller will perform his hits on love and heartbreak this Friday, November 25 and Saturday, November 26 in the Carlos Piantini room of the National Theater, at 8:30 pm, under the production of César Suárez Pizano.

Alborán is performing as part of his “sold out” theater tour that he has been doing in Spanish cities and Latin America, with praised shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago de Chile, Bogotá in Colombia and Monterrey in Mexico.

The same promises in the Dominican Republic.

His career

The interpreter of “Quién” broke into the music industry at the age of 21, in 2010, with his fine-tuned voice and touches of flamenco. The single that catapulted him was ‘Y tú y tú y tú y only tú’.

Now he is preparing to release, together with the Warner Music label, his new album, “La cuarta hoja”, on December 2, 2022, two years after the experimental “Vértigo” (2020).

What will be the sixth studio album of his career will include eleven songs with great collaborations, among which are those of the well-known single “Llueve sobre mojado” with Aitana and Álvaro de Luna.

Thanks to the four previous albums “Pablo Alboran” (2011), “Tanto” (2012), “Terral” (2014) and “Prometo” (2017), he is considered the most commercially successful artist in Spain in the last decade.

Pablo Moreno de Alborán Ferrándiz is the first name of the artist born in Malaga 37 years ago. Since his debut, he has received ten Latin Grammy Award nominations, three in 2011. In Spain, he received a 2016 Goya Award for his song Palmeras en la nieve, the soundtrack of the film with the same title, along with composer Lucas Vidal. .

The artist will perform his hits. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

singing to love

With guitar in hand Pablo Alboran connects fans with those love songs that reach the heart due to the feeling that permeates them, many times, closing their eyes.

From his songbook, these are the most famous: “Solamente tú”, a home recording posted on YouTube that earned him a signing by a multinational record label and the release of his record debut, ‘Pablo Alboran‘ (2011).

Another hit is “I have missed you”, on guitar.

“Forgive me”, “Who” and ‘Ecstasy’ are some of the most acclaimed. Alborán defined the latter as one of the most sensual compositions of his career.

In 2020, he vented on the album “Vertigo”, considered perhaps the most personal because that year he revealed to the world that he was homosexual. ‘If you had wanted’ is included on the album in which the Spaniard unburdens himself and undresses, as rarely before, in his lyrics.

If you want to enjoy a close encounter with Alborán, the appointment is at the National Theater.

November 25 and 26, 8:30 p.m. Carlos Piantini Hall of the National Theater. Tickets at Uepa Tickets.

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