Pact for Education seeks to prevent minors from not going to school

Leon, Guanajuato.- That no one normalizes that there are minors without going to school, is one of the purposes of the Social Pact for Education which was just announced in Guanajuato.

To land the Pact, the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato, Jorge Enrique Hernández Mezaassured that, at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year, a board of indicators will have to be presented with the specific commitments of each one of those who signed (Government, unions, businessmen, social organizations).

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“More than an air campaign to tell the whole society to collaborate, that we have an educational emergency, that what we do now will be reflected in the future of many students, we are creating a very specific and close structure to be able to follow up precise to what each actor contributes”, he explained.

When asking the Secretary of Education why believe that this Pact will work and will not be just another document of good intentions, he said:

“There is a high sensitivity, I tell you because I have talked with all the actors. We believe that it will work because the agreements are made in a specific way, that is, we will not be looking for things to happen in a magical way”.

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What does the Social Pact for Education of Guanajuato consist of?

In chat with AM the Secretary of Education spoke of the 4 axes of this Pact.

  • Let everyone go to school. Today 80,000 students are outside the education system from basic to university level (mainly in high school).

And that, added the official, today another 14 thousand students have returned from this search and favored by the return to educational presence.

“We are going to knock on their doors one by one,” says the Secretary of Education, because the school control system that we have allows us to identify where they are. And in this task, he says, municipal authorities must join but also other sectors such as churches and businessmen to ensure that they return to the classroom.

But in addition, the challenge, he admitted, is to address the background of why they are not in school, that in the case of high school and university, many of the young people during the pandemic chose to seek an income to help the economy of their families. .

The problem is not limited to the 80,000 who dropped out, but there are also another 1.5 million Guanajuatenses who did not finish basic education, he warns.

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  • Recover learning. Although it is not possible for various reasons to extend the days or days of class, despite the fact that organizations such as the World Bank recommend it, what is possible is to increase the territories for learning.

One strategy will be to increase tutorial spaces, for example in the 198 public libraries to regularize basic level students with the support of voluntary social service from high school, university and professional students.

A program that could help a lot in this matter is that of Full Time Schools (ETC) which is suspended by decision of the federal governmentbut what, added Hernandez Mezathere is already talks with the SEP to be able to resume.

“The Secretaries of Education of states show concern, we have been told (since the SEP) which is included in the program of the school is ours, but there is a lack of precision in the operation rules. We are in that discussion, in theory it should start with the next school year, (but) there is no information yet, ”he said.

  • Teacher Recognition. On this issue, the Secretary admitted that it is financially complicated to increase salaries or benefits, which are mostly tied to a negotiation between the Labor union and the Federal government.

What they do contemplate is to implement actions that strengthen professional and socio-emotional development, as well as incentives that motivate teachers.

One of the actions, he cited, is to give educational personnel the “Contigo Sí” card to obtain special discounts on products and services, but for this it will be necessary to add more establishments so that the benefits are attractive.

In Guanajuato there are 92,000 teachers, of which 40,000 are at the basic level.

  • Mothers and fathers of the 21st century. The objective is to increase the capacities that allow them to support and enhance the educational development of their children.

There are three strategies outlined in the Pact document: Positive Parenting Courses which launched the DIFF of the State; generate community with the addiction prevention strategy Planet Youth; and the Always Open School.

“The family cannot give up educational support, the house must be the first school, and the school the second home,” said Jorge Hernández.

One of the important projects, which he said is about to be presented, is the support of a group of businessmen to start a model of “School Adoption” (it will start in Lion) where, together with the authorities, the schools will be intervened physically, but also in the academic and socio-emotional care in them.


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