Pamela Hódi says goodbye to Krisztián Berki

The former celebrity was remembered by his partner in a post posted on his community page.

He’s gone forever. Our pain is indescribable. I have always trusted and done to make my daughter’s father a part of my life. I didn’t have anyone to say I was a father. He doesn’t have it anymore. I look into my daughter’s two eyes and see the look the two of them looked at each other. They are both… father and daughter. Relax where you are now and be very happy Krisztián-Apucus Berki

– wrote Pamela Hódi in the post, in which she also shared a picture of Krisztián Berki and their common child. He then added that he was asking the press to pay attention to his 8-and-a-half-year-old girl, with whom he was “0-24 hours old and trying to take over all his pain”.

As previously reported by the Index, on Friday, police officers and ambulances struck the IX. the area where Krisztián Berki lives.

Although it was initially impossible to know exactly what had happened, police eventually confirmed the celebrity’s death. Since then, his wife, Mazki Berki, and his mother, Julia, have also spoken about what happened.

Police later said in a press conference that a drug suspect had been found next to Krisztián Berki, but the investigation was still ongoing. The former sports leader was mentioned by several well-known people, which we wrote about in more detail in this article.

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