Nicolás Martínez preparing the solidarity sweet bread a few years ago.
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28 years ago, Nicholas Martineza 78 year old man, is dedicated to making the “Solidarity Sweet Bread”, an initiative solidarity that arrives so that all the citizens of Bariloche have your sweet bread on Christmas Eve on December 24.

Every time the end of November approaches, Barilochenses await the tradition that brings joy to thousands of families. Nicholas spoke with Via Country and told that This year started with a scare because they had a problem on the roof of the former Gutiérrez Homeplace where the Government granted the man to work in this solidarity campaign.

“Since I started a little late, now I am asking everyone for help”the cook said. Martínez assured that sweet bread is not sold, “It is totally donated to all the places, in Laguna Blanca, Cerro Alto, in the areas that do not have the possibility of going and buying supplies or making bread”.

Nicolás has three other people who help him in the kitchen. “There are four of us in preparation, but then there is the part of bagging, packaging. You have to present it, so we include the whole family to to collaborateHe said.

Nicolás Martínez preparing the solidarity sweet bread a few years ago. (Nicolas Martinez/)

In order to cook sweet bread you need flour, yeast, sugar, margarine, eggs, honey, sweet bread essence or of walnuts, fruit, peanut, raisins. “We try not to put preservatives or dyes, we work with a natural, homemade dough”clarified the cook.

The important thing for the 78-year-old man is that all the families of Bariloche can enjoy an extraordinary night at Christmas. “Sometimes the inputs are not enough”so that “the most characteristic thing is love”.

This year it is not yet known how many loaves man will be able to cook, “depends on donations”but the goal is that they can be cooked 12 thousand loaves. To make an estimate, Nicolás said that, according to the budgets that were given to him, the cost for 10 thousand loaves is around 3 million 700 thousand pesos.

The campaign was launched this Wednesday and In just one day, 60,000 pesos were raised. In addition to donations, “The province helps me. Until you get the donation I do not do. Every year they donate an amount so that I can cook,” said the man.

The sweet bread delivery dates are made December 22 and 23“so that the loaves are on Good Night. It is only for Christmas for a matter of tradition. I don’t do them on New Years“, Nicholas recounted.

The solidarity sweet bread that Nicolás Martínez cooks for Christmas.

The solidarity sweet bread that Nicolás Martínez cooks for Christmas. (Nicolas Martinez/)

Nicolás’s motivation to make solidarity sweet bread in Bariloche

Martínez told this outlet that he is Paraguayan and arrived in Bariloche in 1970. “I came with one hand in front and one in the back to work. From there Bariloche half everything. I have 12 children, 25 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. All happiness I owe to this city”, enunciated the 78-year-old man.

When asked about the reason why he decided to do this act of solidarity 28 years ago, Nicolás assured that He likes to dedicate even 20 days of the year to Bariloche, “a spiritual work and at the same time a bit traditional”.

The man then expressed his wish that a child can have a sweet bread for the first time on Christmas nightas well as a grandfather. “I am 78 years old, that is the last sweet bread that we share with the family, there is no losing those customs”Martinez concluded.

To collaborate with this campaign It can donate money in the Mercado Pago account.

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