Paraguay questioned the identity of the co-pilot of the detained plane: "They are not instructors nor are they dedicated to transporting toys"

After the contribution made by the FBI from the United States to the federal judge Federico Villenawhich establishes a link between the pilot of the Venezuelan plane that is stranded in Ezeiza, Gholamreza Ghasemi, with an airline linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran, the Minister of Intelligence of Paraguay, Stephen Aquinas, He manifested himself in the same sense and even sowed suspicions about the co-pilot of the aircraft, Mahdi Museli.

“I hope no one gets mad: it’s not a homonym, or an antonym, or anything. He is a person linked to a company that is not dedicated to distributing toys ”, ironized in miter radio the Paraguayan official, who thus contradicted the Argentine Security Minister, Hannibal Fernandezwho throughout the past week avoided defining himself about the pilot and only said that his name was the same as that of a member of the Quds Forces, but that he could not confirm that it was the same person.

We know that he has been transporting weapons and technology to Syria and southern Lebanon, that’s where Hezbollah comes in. They would be like flights of terror”, Aquino argued bluntly about Ghasemi. Thus, he asserted: “They were not instructors.” In this way he was also in dissent with the statements of the head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Agustin Rossi, who had expressed himself in that sense when he tried to explain the situation of the Emtrasur Cargo crew.

The Paraguayan minister even questioned the identity of the co-pilot of the aircraft, now the focus of an investigation. “Who are the other members of that Board of Directors? There we find surprises. Who is the co-pilot? Is the last name correct? Or not?”, he asked about Museli, who like the rest of the Iranians and Venezuelans is at the Plaza Central Hotel in Canning while his situation is being resolved in Justice.

After highlighting the role of Paraguay in alerting the rest of the countries about this aircraft that previously belonged to Mahan Air, an airline sanctioned by the United States, Aquino insisted that it was “showy” that he turned off the transponder during the flight, something that was denied by Fernández last week. The Paraguayan official even assured that this caused them to set off the alarms in his country and that, when they reviewed the Boeing’s itineraries, they reported that this inactivation of the system to identify the plane was “usual.”

In addition, he said that the information about the suspicions was sent on June 6 from Paraguay to Argentina, something that was also confirmed by the local authorities, who claimed that the aircraft was already on the ground when these data arrived.

“I reiterate to the brothers of the region: in these cases we must be absolutely supportive and professional. It is not necessary to say pejoratively: ‘That Paraguayan minister’. That Paraguayan minister wanted to help you, he wanted to alert you so that nothing bad happens in your house. It is the security of States, which we are committed to defending,” he complained.

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