"paralytic's escape" on Parchment: was begging on crutches and ran away in a fight

A young man begging on a corner of the city of Parchmentwearing crutches as a sign of some kind of disabilityended this Saturday to the punches and beaten with his own crutchesa situation from which he had to run away, making it clear that he was “paralytic” little.

The video of the unusual event, on the corner of John B. Fair and Monroe from that Buenos Aires city, immediately reached the networks and generated dozens of comments, in which he was ironic about the “Miracle of Parchment”joking about the surprising recovery of the beggar, who when the process of the fight was complicated did not hesitate to run at full speed to the other side of the street.

The discussion arose when a motorcyclist passed by that corner, and although the reason for the fight was not disclosed, it may have been acquaintances, since the motorcyclist seemed to reproach the “beggar” for using the crutches, trying to hit one of the them to show that he would not fall or they were necessary to him. In the first instance, the young man backed away, although it was seen that he angrily answered the motorcyclist’s insults, but the latter insisted on challenging him to fight, until at a certain moment the beggar began to “crutch” and the crash became virulent, in the sight of witnesses. occasional that They celebrated the strangeness of the scene and recorded it on cell phones.

The motorcyclist managed to receive a couple of blows, but he moved forward and so managed to get hold of one of the crutches, while the other flew through the air. Then the beggar found himself in a complicated situation, since his opponent, enraged, ran him away with a “clean crutch”: the young man had no choice but to run to the other side of the street, showing that he had no mobility problems and the crutches only pursued some higher revenue when asking motorists for money at that traffic light. After those images it will cost you a little more to get “donations”.

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