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Pati Chapoy attacks La Academia 2022 ‘I would have already run away from the one who made the selection of students’

Pati Chapoy attacks La Academia 2022 'I would have already run away from the one who made the selection of students'

Mexico.- While Pati Chapoy and his fellow drivers in “window” praised the talent of courteous lolita and Arturo López Gavito, strongly criticized those in charge of The Academy 2022and it was surprising that although they are from ‘the same house’, they flatly said that the reality show of Aztec TV it does not work.

After the controversy that arose after the lawsuit between Lolita Cortés, who acts as judge, and alexander acha, director of La Academia 2022, Pati Chapoy pointed out that they are not respecting the format of the singing reality show that celebrates 20 years of having started with this edition.

During the “Ventaneando” program they strongly criticized the production of “La Academia 2022”. Photo: Instagram

After the hosts of “Ventaneando” gave their opinion on what is happening at La Academia 2022, Pedrito Sola said that it seems that they want the program to end soon, which only started on June 17.

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They want to put an end to La Academia quickly and quickly,” said Pedrito Sola, after which Chapoy said: “Because it’s not working.”

The head of the show program asserted that more than a singing reality show, it seems like ‘Winding the Academy’ and criticized the talent of the students who are participating.

From my point of view, I would have already fired the person who made the selection of the students… lousy,” said Chapoy.

He then said that he did not believe that thousands of people had actually auditioned to be part of the 2022 generation of students. “That’s a lie, I don’t think the casting was 7 thousand people, because we never found out.”

Daniel Bisogno added that the poor selection of participants included Yahir as host and Alexander Acha as director.

Yahir has received a lot of criticism about his performance as host of ‘La Academia 2022’. Photo: Instagram

“The wrong casting ranges from the host of La Academia to the director of La Academia, regardless of the affection, of what we may feel for Yahir and Alexander Acha… they are not roles for them, they fall far short of a project such as The Academy,” Bisogno said.

Alexander Acha’s lack of experience came to the fore, as they considered it a mistake to ‘make him fight’ with Lolita Cortés.

“He would have to take care of the students in their middle experience and not go out and fight with someone who beats you three times,” said Daniel.

According to the hosts of ‘Ventaneando’, the only thing right in ‘La Academia 2022’ is the participation of judges Lolita Cortés and Arturo López-Gavito. Photo: Instagram

The hosts considered that, after “Ventaneando”, La Academia is the most important project that TV Azteca has had.

You can’t put a lineup like the one it has at La Academia… starting from production.”

Speculation began on social networks about a lawsuit between producers of both TV Azteca programs.

“They are hitting @LaAcademiaTV so hard at @VentaneandoUno, that now I wonder… Who is producing La Academia?” host René Franco posted on Twitter.

The same users responded: “It is being produced by Angel Aponte, who has no idea what Mexican television is”, “He throws it because this Academy is lousy. We all hoped that they would throw the house out the window. It’s 20 years. The applicants do not know who chose them. I think @ChapoyPati is right.”

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