Patricia Bullrich ran for president instead of Rodríguez Larreta: "It takes a lot of courage, not everyone has it"

Patricia Bullrich added fuel to the fire with regard to the internal Together for Change ahead of the 2023 presidential elections and their possible candidates. In this regard, he praised his management within the Ministry of Security and avoided stating whether Horacio Rodriguez Larreta is ready to apply.

“I think that the characteristics of the next president have more to do with character, decision, will and convictions. I gather those characteristics at the opportune moment of a change”, affirmed the president of the PRO in an interview for black box of Filo News.

Likewise, she pointed out that “if Argentines ask themselves ‘How is Argentina changed?'” She believes she can give them an answer, “not technically, but in character.”

“I don’t want to be arrogant, but I think I made history. I changed many false stories”added the former Minister of Security of Mauricio Macri to continue with his self-praise.

Nevertheless, Bullrich avoided giving an accurate response to the possibilities of running as a candidate for president: “I formally do not launchbut we are living in strange times, because everyone assumes that the electoral process is already open with a year or so to go”.

Survey: Patricia Bullrich is emerging as the opponent with the best image over Rodríguez Larreta and Javier Milei

Now I am focused on touring the country and learning about each of the problems. Knowing all of Argentina is very nice and at the same time sad”, he stated and remarked: “On the other hand, I work on a program so that everything is thought out. I don’t want to talk about the candidacy.”

In this sense, the president of the PRO was encouraged to comment on the capabilities of Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in the face of a candidacy and avoided giving a precise answer: “It takes a lot of courage, a lot of bravery. I’m not saying I don’t have it, but they are characteristics that not everyone has”.

“In Together for Change we all agree that taxes need to be lowered, production freed up, reasonable public spending generated, provinces that are not unviable, taxes reduced from 170 to 9 or 10 and that they are not unproductive, put a revolution in education”, he then pointed out about the challenges that the next Head of State will have to face in 2023.

Carrió asked “not to concentrate on the elections and candidacies”

Although he clarified that “the picket is also coming, the unions that block your factory, the businessman who wants to pressure you, pay a bribe to an official for a tender.” “The truth is coming,” she assured.

On the other hand, Bullrich was consulted by the social plans, a subject that strongly criticizes. “I was never in favor. Argentina does not need social plans, because they freeze you in povertythey stagnate you”, he sentenced.

“I am not willing to follow him and if you don’t change it fast, you don’t change it anymore. We all have to work or study, but have an activity”, emphasized the president of the PRO and indicated that “in 20 years of social plans, only 0.5% of the people who had them became something better than what they had ”.

Macri defined the Government as a “mixture of bestial ineptitude” and projected a difficult future for JXC

In turn, the former Minister of Security once again emphasized her management as head of said portfolio and highlighted the fight against drugs and drug trafficking. “I think that the legalization of drugs in a single country is a very bad idea. If the world decides together tomorrow to generate some control, I would think about it, ”she said.

Finally, in terms of security, he took up the case of Luis Chocobar and reaffirmed his position on the issue: “They gave him a one-year sentence that is now going to be reversed. The conviction says that she should not have fired the last shot.”

“A judge is a judge of a fact, he is not an expert. When you give a person a weapon and you also give them a uniform, you give them power. And later, when he uses that power for the community, you tell him: ‘No, you can’t do it.’ Okay, so we don’t have police”, he added.

“You have to protect the Police. A policeman who kills is a murderer. Now a cop who does what Chocobar did is a person who was played by the community. You have to be able to distinguish”, concluded Bullrich.


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