Paul McCartney, Al Pacino, George Clooney and other famous "honorees" besides Kevin Bacon

In this case, the hamburger Buenos Aires became famous for using the name of the actor whose last name means “bacon” in English, to baptize her place.

It all happened in Late Night with Jimmy Kimmelthe popular program to which the actor had been invited, where they showed him images of the premises, located in the neighborhood of palermo.

Immediately, the actor was surprised and assured: “Listen: I clearly did not approve of that photo. Tomorrow I’m going to talk to my lawyers. We’re going to fix it,” he announced.

After the fragment of the interview went viral, the hamburger restaurant changed its name on social networks to avoid any legal litigation.

other premises


In Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos: Churrassic Park, for the film Jurassic Park, by Steven Spielberg. The grill that promises all kinds of meat in large portions, like the dinosaurs!


Another of the most popular in this category is Paul Mac Carne, alluding to the singer of The Beatles.

al pancino.webp

The panchos weren’t spared either. There’s “Alpanchino” who looks a lot like Scarface’s protagonist, Al Pacino.

Finally, although it closed in 2012, the Clooney pizzeria operated in Ramos Mejia for many years, a small tribute to actor George.


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