Health authorities of Tres Arroyos on March 29 when announcing the reinforcements of the pediatric guard

Since the pediatric guard of the Hispanic Clinic stopped working on March 1, the service, provided by the Municipal Health Center, was in some cases overwhelmed and visibly insufficient to meet social demand.

The lack of specialized professionals is the excuse or the reason for a situation that occurs in several cities in the country.

On March 29 at a press conference, health authorities of Tres Arroyos announced the expansion of the pediatric ward and that it would seek to incorporate two more professionals to the function. The public call was made on April 20 and has not yet yielded results.

Health authorities of Tres Arroyos on March 29 when announcing the reinforcements of the pediatric guard (Editorial Vía Tres Arroyos / Argentina)

Distressed by this situation, a group of parents accompanied by members of the Trade Union Table delivered to the president of the Tres Arroyos Deliberative Council, Martín Garate, a petition with almost 2,000 signatures for the reopening of the Pediatric Guard Service 24 hours after what was the closure of the service at the Hispano Argentina Private Clinic.

Julia Nualart, one of the signatory neighbors indicated on that occasion that: “We want the Pediatrics service to be reopened, whether in the Hospital, in a private clinic or in Policoop.”

The actual situation

The good intentions of polycoop to unpack the service since the situation overflowed, and incorporated a pediatric guard that works once a week, on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with a consultation cost of 1,200 pesos for members and 1,500 pesos for non-members.

this Thursday, The president of Policoop, Pablo Escudero, indicated that the entity is in contact with the Municipality of Tres Arroyos to recreate a joint work between the public and private as it happened during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The idea is to bring at least four more pediatricians and start offering twelve or fourteen hours a day. We cannot pay a doctor on duty and at the same time have a pediatric guard because we do not have hospitalization”- indicated and confirmed a meeting with Mayor Carlos Sánchez for next week.

April 1: They marched to demand pediatric care in Tres Arroyos

April 1: They marched to demand pediatric care in Tres Arroyos (Editorial Vía Tres Arroyos/Argentina)

Via Three Streams also spoke with Julia Nualart.

“They called me last week to see if we had availability for a meeting with the Council, supposedly it’s tomorrow (Friday) but they haven’t confirmed us yet.”

“Us we have no political intention, this is a health issue of the children and we feel that we are ‘paddling in dulce de leche’.

The Pirovano Hospital guard continues to work in the same way, with limited hours, If you go outside of duty hours, the little ones are seen by an adult doctor. There is a case of a mother who brought her son with a fever of 39 degrees and the doctor from the adult ward told her that he did not dare to medicate him, which is good because that doctor becomes responsible for what happen to that little boy. The mother had to wait until 8 in the morning for the guard to open, the baby spent the whole night with a 40-degree fever.

Nualart continued: “Attending to 30 or 40 boys in a shift is not healthy for doctors either, in order to attend to everyone they must attend quickly and it is not the way to evaluate each situation. We are not against pediatric doctors, on the contrary, what What we are looking for is a solution to decompress the ward at Pirovano Hospital and make care more fluid for both doctors and patients”.

“I went with my daughter to the Policoop guard and they attended me very quickly. This is not advertising Policoop, but I think one of the few responses we received from Pablo Escudero who was worried, put this on his shoulder and is looking for a solution” – finished.

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