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Pedro Capó spent a few days in Buenos Aires promoting his new song “Back home” and also as a guest of Luciano Pereyra in his recent show at Luna Park. “I always like being in Buenos Aires. I grew up listening to Argentine rock. He was one of my first influences”, highlighted the Puerto Rican singer to the violaon a hot afternoon, in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood.

“I always imagined you are images that Gustavo Cerati and Fito Páez spoke. For me it was always beautiful. Time has passed since the last visit, everything was delayed due to the pandemic and now I come from promotion and perform with Luciano Pereyra”added Capó, who met the Argentine singer at the Viña del Mar Festival and with whom he composed the song “Sin haber dormido” and which they presented at the Luna.

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The details of “Volver a casa”, a song that was born in a pandemic

“It will be part of my next album that will be out on December 1st. It is an outlet, a kind of catharsis. I feel like we all go through an uncomfortable process during the pandemic, with issues of loneliness and sadness. The best way to get out is thanks to a song”, described Pedro Capó.

“There is a bit of a taboo with discomfort and sadness. In the song I paint it with images that are very mine, where we find that we all present a well-being on social networks. If you feel bad you think you’re the only one. This song is literal: return to your home or to your country after having a bad time”. In turn, Pedro maintains that it represents a return to his most authorial essence, with touches of hip hop and the continuous search for new sounds.

As happened to most, the Puerto Rican artist experimented a new world during the pandemic. “The first thing I did was rest. It came with a lot of rhythm thanks to the song ‘Calma’. It was all very intense. Being at home helped me to compose and it was the first time I did a complete work. I connected with my world. It was a space to look at the field from afar and decide where to go. It gave me a point of perspective and clarity.”

Capó stressed that returning to the stage was not easy. “You feel the nerves again. You have the need to connect with people, plus the typical fatigue. Now we have to pick up the pace, but I’m very excited”. The musician said that he prepares the release of his song with Luciano Pereyra and spend the holidays with his family.

Pedro Capó and the challenge of composing for other artists

Throughout his career -with several successes- the author composed for other important artists. One of them was Ricky Martin. For example, the song by the Latin star with Reik, “A veces bien y veces mal”, is nominated for Song of the Year at the Latin Grammys.

“Working with Ricky was incredible. He’s a dude. Talented and very humble. He really knows what he wants to do. He is very funny and he lets you know his personal question to help the songwriting process, ”he described.

Regarding the task, Capó maintained that there are different ways of working. “A song that didn’t fit me and that I like, I pass it on to a colleague who wants to record it. There is the way to design with intention for an artist. The best thing is when we are together to be able to know the moment you are living, listen to music and talk to relax. I love the challenge of writing for another artist; it is a challenge”.

The worldwide success with “Calma”

Let’s go to the beach. To heal your soul Close the screen. Open the medal. The entire Caribbean sea looking at your waist, you flirt with it, you are a troublemaker and I like it”, says the lyrics of “Calma”, a song by Pedro Capó that became a great success and that sounded a lot in recent summers.

The Puerto Rican artist, thanks to the remix of the theme with Farruko, positioned itself as one of the most important in Latin music. “Calma” reached the top of the world charts. He was certified Diamond in the United States, Mexico and Peru; multi-platinum in Latin America and Europe. Capó also won two Grammys in the last installment, in two important categories, “Song of the Year” and in “Best Urban Fusion/Interpretation” for said song that was born in three hours.

“We didn’t have the intended to be a simple broadcast. I never thought it would be a worldwide success. I remember we were in the studio having fun, working with other sounds, since I felt a bit resistant to reggaeton. I looked for a genuine form, a beat appeared, we made it more reggae from the Caribbean and it stayed”, recalled Capó on “Calma”.

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