Press Service of the Government of the Penza Region

Press Service of the Government of the Penza Region

The head of the region approved a memorandum of intent for cooperation with KamAZ on the development of the Master industrial park in Serdobsk. A roadmap for the development of the project was also signed together with the general director of the Kama Automobile Plant, Sergey Kogogin. In particular, the plans include the construction of parking lots, turning places for vehicles, fences, street lighting systems, and repair of internal roads.

Participants of the industrial park “Master” will be able to use the same benefits as residents of the TASED “Serdobsk”. Working on this site greatly simplifies doing business, since the financial and time costs for launching a project will be minimal.

– In the near future, it is planned to introduce a draft law aimed at exempting companies that manage industrial parks from paying property tax. It is expected that benefits will be provided for a period of five years, which will allow managing organizations to maintain preferential rental rates for residents, – said Oleg Melnichenko.

It was about the development of urban public transport. An agreement was reached to send a trolleybus to the Penza region for testing on specific routes.

Oleg Melnichenko signed an agreement with Sergei Abramov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AGroup, on the comprehensive development of the territory of Penza. The project provides for the construction of residential buildings, social facilities and landscaping. It is planned to be implemented on a plot of more than 122 hectares. Such an area will make it possible to deploy modern industrial production, which is especially important in the current economic situation.

– We are interested in the now unused sites being mastered, in their place, new production facilities would appear, and infrastructure would be created. Then we will not be afraid of any sanctions,” Oleg Melnichenko noted.

The government of the Penza region has concluded agreements with three subjects of the Russian Federation – Voronezh, Belgorod and Bryansk regions. The signed documents provide for the establishment and expansion of trade and economic ties between the enterprises of the regions in order to create new production capacities.

The Parties undertake to promote the involvement of their research and other specialized organizations in the development of projects for the creation of innovative infrastructure, as well as to cooperate in science and education, culture and art, to jointly develop the tourism industry, sports, healthcare, and social assistance to the population. To exchange experience, implementing urban policy, implementing support for motherhood and childhood, solving problems in the field of demography.

– In the conditions of reformatting the domestic economy, the efficiency of creating new logistics within the country is of great importance. To do this, enterprises and organizations should get direct access to information about the available capabilities of manufacturers in the Russian regions, – stated the head of the Penza region. – The concluded agreements will strengthen horizontal economic ties, help business partners find each other in order to fill the gaps in the chains of components or raw materials. Also, joint work will allow us to look for new approaches to solving social problems in order to make people’s lives better.

The Governor of the Penza Region also met with the DPRK Ambassador to Russia Sin Hong Chul and invited him to Penza. North Korea is a traditional trading partner of Russia and has a colossal experience in resisting external pressure. Oleg Melnichenko noted the importance of strengthening political and economic cooperation with the DPRK and other countries of the Asian region.

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