Pepin Rodriguez Simon

The Uruguayan legal figure and defender of Fabián “Pepin” Rodríguez Simón, Jorge Diazspoke with Jorge Fontevecchia for Fontevecchia modefor Radius Profile (FM 101.9), and referred to the judicial situation that he is going through. Why does he consider that he is not a fugitive.

What will become of the legal situation of your client?

To clarify some titles that speak of the “fugitive”, the situation in Uruguay It is not like this. She has her address here and the authorities know where she is. My client is not on the run and it is important to highlight it because it does not reflect their procedural situation. There is an extradition request at point zero, because refuge was requested in Uruguay and the legislation establishes that the one who defines it is the Refugee Commission. But if there is an extradition request, the judge has to deal with the case. Rodríguez Simón asks Uruguay to recognize him as a refugee and the judicial file is pending, following the normal processes. The law establishes that it is governed by a statute.

It transpired that they rejected the request for political asylum, what does it mean?

The Uruguayan Justice did not rule effectively. Some minor decision is being referred to, but there is nothing definitive. I imagine that it refers to a primary resolution of a judge, but I would not qualify it as a setback either. Perhaps there is no express recognition at first of his refugee statusbut all the requirements for it to be so are given.

In what instance would it be?

The application process has certain peculiarities. My client processes it before the Uruguayan Justice, but has no opponent, it is collaborative. As long as that doesn’t end, you can’t talk about it backwards. When we have the ruling, the resolution would be final, because cannot be appealedas there is no adversary.

What would the deadlines be?

There is no specific time, but a lot is missing because certain evidence that my client offered could not be presented. In Argentina they catch a cold and we sneeze because of the proximity, but we have very big differences. Uruguayan justice fails without any kind of influence or incidence, although it can be wrong. We believe that there are all the elements to rule in favor of my client, but I noticed a certain euphoria in the Argentine media about the current situation that is not consistent with reality. Since this has nothing to do with the Parlasur and there may be a search to confuse.

Uruguay rejected “Pepín” Rodríguez Simón’s request for political asylum

Isn’t Argentine justice independent like in Uruguay?

In Argentina there is democracy, but with a relationship between the political and judicial systems, which does not happen in Uruguay. Some say that President Luis Lacalle Pou affects the delay and ignores what is happening. Politics permanently sticks its tail in the Argentine Justice.


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