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Just like rap, funk and other black sound trends that came to Brazil, house made its turn, but, after being consumed almost exclusively in electronic music ballads —mainly in clubs frequented by the elites of large centers—, today the rhythm has gained space in the setlists of DJs from peripheral origins. “Como Eu Vim Parar Aqui”, the new album by artist Akin from Rio de Janeiro, does the job of mixing electronic rhythms brought by the black diaspora, using house as a background.

The album, released a week ago (11/11), narrates the carioca experiences, adventures and frustrations that we go through throughout life, when we decide to take risks and go beyond certain limits. Throughout the 12 tracks, characters emerge and stories are created and accompanied by heartbreak and trauma.

Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, the singer is divided into composer, music producer, dancer and researcher. Graduated in environmental law, he preferred to leave the courts in 2017 to dedicate himself to an artistic life. “This baggage that I bring from law, where I had to study a lot, read and understand cases, contributes to the new career that I decided for my life. I love researching stories, rhythms and songs that make sense with what I write and sing”, he comments. the artist.

In the work, day and night are confused in the verses that travel between the past and the present, this through the will of the actors who appear in the songs announcing their importance in Akin’s journey — all of this with the heat of Rio de Janeiro.

The repetition of the lyrics presented throughout the album are crafted in a way that evokes the nostalgia of clubbers and those interested in the electronic music universe of the 1990s. Rio de Janeiro.

Akin comments that the album also reflects the small stories we create on a daily basis and how this impacts the future. “Whether it’s a flirtation or a different look that we give someone, it can become a great love story and end up in a sudden trauma. It’s worth paying attention to how we relate emotionally”.

This is not Akin’s first work, in 2019, the artist released the singles “Breu” and “QUESEF*”. In 2021, in addition to having started the recording process for his first album, “Como eu come to stop here”, he also released the single “Vício”, in partnership with the singer also from Fluminense, Joca.

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