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In March 2022 it was released peronium, the “cryptocurrency of the people”, according to its creators. It is a stablecoin backed by US dollars and that it is guaranteed by a series of smart contracts.

A mistake “minimum” in those contracts, almost imperceptible to the userbut not so for its developers, forced to relaunch “the people’s cryptocurrency” next July 1. “This makes it clear that the rules of the game are given from the beginning and cannot be altered, not even for ourselves“, Explain Augustine Kassisfounder of Peronio and CEO of Crypta, in dialogue with Profile.

When a person is using the contract and has a token or cryptocurrency that is working under that contract, there is nothing that can modify it without user authorizationeither. “It is a double-edged sword because you cannot modify it for the better, but the user is certain that neither can be modified for bad. This is the strong part of blockchain,” she explained.

When “the people’s crypto” is relaunched

“That is why the important thing is to do it well. We are working to fix this tiny bug for the contract to be perfect. Approximately on July 1st we will be relaunching the new version with the graphical interface in which we put a migration option so that users can exchange your old fibulae for the new ones”, he added.

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About the project concept

As Kassis commented to ProfilePeronius is a “stable cryptocurrency backed by dollars, guaranteed by a smart contract that offers 15% annual interest”. Among some of its advantages, says the expert, are that it can be transferred quickly, cheaply and without intermediaries, that is, without handing over personal data and outside of any tax and regulation.

“Unlike other crypto projects where it is not known how they are made, who is behind them and it turns out to be pure marketing. We have a contract that leaves us alonethat’s why we give ourselves the luxury of putting the name we want because people will come for the quality of the contract and not for the name”.

political prejudices

“We have noticed that from the outset several of our users have a prejudice by the name of the cryptocurrency. They think he is Peronist. In fact, it is the opposite, it is like an anti-peronist Trojan horseAugustine assured.

“The concept appeals to the fact that we are tired of politics which has become a kind of football team, we believe that Peronism is part of the problem and somehow what we say is that: Peronism is not convinced, nor is it fought, it is hacked. It goes that way ”, launched the CEO of the Crypta.

The road to a national cryptocurrency

“We target the Argentine market. We are focused on Argentina, our language and our communication channels target the local public. Already the same name of our developments the local idiosyncrasy is ingrained. That is our concept”, commented Kassis to this medium.

According to Cassis, Peronio is part of a trilogy of cryptocurrencies, completed by Gorilla and Argento. “With Peronio we are not looking for people to invest, it is a springboard brand that, together with Gorilla later, they will give way to Argento. It will displace to all the gorillas and Peronism to achieve an Argentine cryptocurrencyKasis explained.

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How the national cryptocurrency is cooked

“We are building with economists, with liberal referentspeople from the crypto universe with a lot of experience, a non-state national cryptocurrency; gathering all the wills and leaving politics behind. That is why we need these trampoline brands that are the ones that help us add people to the project and show our concept. What we are checking that really works”, he sentenced.

“We have had two digits of inflation for 22 years. The State is not going to solve this for us, the solution cannot be left in the hands of the problem. The solution is decentralize (the economy). We are going to educate people slowly: first with a kind of digital dollar so that he has some experience in the crypto world,” said the digital economy expert.

The current price of Peronio and the road traveled

“With the crypto crash this week all cryptocurrencies went down. However, our project is still in force delivering 15% annual interest in dollars. He is still stable and absolutely nothing has happened to him. That is the proof of concept that we want to launch”, explained Kassis.

“We Peronians give them away, we explain to people how to use themIt is part of education. We help them to make this their first cryptocurrency, they sell it and even that they pass it to dollars. With this test we want to make it clear that we know what we are talking about and then launch the Argento now free of all this political connotation”, he added.

“Today a Peronio is 90 cents in weight. We gave a 20% advantage to the national currency. Namely, we issued a cryptocurrency at 80 cents of weight, we gave it 20 cents of advantage in order to show that in this way we can make a currency that is better than the one that the Central Bank can make. Today we go in 90 cents and we are going to celebrate a Peronio = a pesoin about a month and a halfKassis predicted.

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Very far from Peronism

Our idea has nothing to do with being a Peronist or notbut seeks to be an alternative to weightsince the Argentine currency is worth a little less every day. It has no inflation, it is backed in dollars and also those backing dollars generate interest, so it is worth more and more. And I think the best thing is that it is very far from politics”, they point out from the Crypta.

The Peronios appreciate against the Argentine peso as they are backed by the dollar (blue price) and against the same dollar for the interest obtained Quickswap’s Lliquidity Pool and the QiDao Farm. The “currency of the people” can be redeemed in the vault at any time and withdraw the corresponding dollars.

How can I get Peroniums

To obtain them it is necessary to have the virtual wallet of meta mask and it is recommended to do it from a computer. Likewise, it is advisable to enter the website of peronium and follow the steps described there. It should be noted that it is very easy to understand, since it is designed so that everyone can access the crypto universe.

Likewise, all the technical information about the cryptocurrency is available at githubopen source and it is recommended to review it in depth before making any type of investment.

open source is a transparent tool characteristic of blockchain technology. This code is always open and available to be read, monitored and audited by anyone. All, absolutely everyonethey can verify it and indicate if they find any errors or even participate to solve it.


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