After the internal instance that will end up proclaiming Governor Juan Schiaretti at the head of the provincial PJ and Mayor Martín Llaryora commanding the destinies of the party in the City, the head of the Palacio 6 de Julio will begin to move in ‘candidate mode 2023’ to succeed the current provincial president.

To do this, in Cordoban Peronism several speak of an ‘operative clamor’ in dropper, or with different steps: first, do not neglect the management; then walk inside; and toward the latter part of the year moving decisively as the man who will fight for Schiaretti’s succession within the space.

“In June he should already be on the field as a candidate because the year is short,” he acknowledged to CORDOBA PROFILE an influential official in Llaryora’s entourage. That, in addition, warns about some of the complexities that the mayor has to show himself as a candidate in the interior and strengthen ties with other mayors: “he cannot neglect the management.”

“Governing a city like Córdoba forces you to be there all the time. And if, for those things, we are inside and something happens, it is something that they are going to bill you, ”the official was honest.

However, with a carefully planned agenda, in the coming months the mayor will begin to change his hours between the capital and the interior.

Río Cuarto, the first stop. On Tuesday, the main officials in Llaryora’s environment knew that on Friday night he was traveling to Río Cuarto for a meeting with his peer, Juan Manuel Llamosas from Rio de Janeiro.

After some misunderstandings that are not hidden either in the Docta or in the Southern Empire, the Autumn Polyphonic music festival, in addition to the signing of a cooperation agreement, were the excuses to start showing together the mayor of the capital with the riocuartense.

There, in contact with the media, and when asked if he would choose Llamosas as his running mate, the head of the Palacio 6 de Julio stated: “God will say”, without giving too many details.

A few months into the capital management, this newspaper advanced the possibility of an LL-LL formula, when the Riocuartense was heading for the campaign in search of his re-election. In fact, there were some points in common, as part of the know-how of the Llaryora mayor’s campaign that began to work with Llamosas in 2020.

Achieved re-election, the assembly and the result of the 2021 Legislatives distanced them both. A series of demands for what in the south they understood as a little work in the campaign of the Capital, and that left the llamosista Claudia Márquez out of Congress, cooled relations. Even the Riocuartense mayor himself threatened to launch himself to compete with Llaryora for the governorship and that came to nothing. Something that, in the Cordovan mayor’s own environment, they expected him to carve a little more.

“We need more candidate inside. For two reasons: the first, to have its own critical mass; the second, so that the shots from Together for Change also go the other way, ”acknowledged a source from the Municipality.

The next stop will be the north of the province and the person in charge of assembling there is the mayor of Cruz del Eje, Claudio Farías. A friend of Llaryora who has a good relationship with El Panal, although not with a sector of the Old Guard of Peronism.

Farías will be the next host for Llaryora, which will seek to extend its relations beyond the capital and the metropolitan area. “With the Metropolitan Entity you already have a dialogue with the mayors of Greater Córdoba. And it is a field in which he articulates management with politics. Above all, if the transversality is coming because there are mayors from other parties with whom Martín gets along very well, ”they reason in the Municipality.

Management. Llaryora does not want to be like someone who used the Municipality as a stopover for the Province. For this reason, she closed ranks with her main officials and she wants to repeat a recipe from the Schiarettista girl table regarding the works: they are announced, the progress is shown and they are inaugurated. “There have to be three different acts,” acknowledged two officials.

In addition, there is another factor that became known during the week and it is the result of the CB Consultora survey that places it above, in terms of image and management, the other three mayors from 2003 to date: Luis Juez, Daniel Giacomino and Ramón Mestre.

Aside from this, they know that before June they want to have some management issues resolved, such as transportation –this month is key-, the work of Parque Sarmiento, the Ecoparque, squares, pavement and lighting. Broadly speaking, he wants a follow-up of this part of the management and has already focused on those that are delayed, such as Parque Las Heras. There, there were a couple of calls in the week.

“He wants there to be an immediate response to everything”, synthesized a source that clarifies: “there were other changes such as the control of a large button panel that the union used to have and that passed to the control of the Municipality with modernization that also marked a before and after” .

The OK for the other succession, its own. In recent weeks, the mayor himself insisted on a political table with the secretaries who have the most influence on the matter and who are also extremely trustworthy: Miguel Siciliano, the Secretary of the Government; Marcelo Rodio, from Transportation; Gabriel Bermúdez, from the Metropolitan Area; and Deputy Mayor Daniel Passerini.

With them, the head of the 6th of July Palace aims to contain the management, give a quick response, anticipate any political upheaval and prop up something key such as his own succession. “Some are more contained than others, but he wants that once he launches, they do the same for the City. That they have a game in that fight because they are going to be the ones who best defend the management, ”acknowledged a source.

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