Peruvian president does not accept the resignation of the prime minister

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announced on Friday that he did not accept the resignation of Prime Minister Aníbal Torres, who will remain in charge of the Council of Ministers.


President of Peru will swear in a new cabinet this Friday

“I have not accepted the resignation of the premier, Aníbal Torres, who is committed to continuing to work for our country,” Pedro Castillo said through his social networks.

Before ratifying Torres as the country’s prime minister, the Peruvian president called the parliamentary benches to present proposals, with the aim of joining the changes in the new cabinet, which would be “broad based.”

Aníbal Torres placed his position at the disposal of President Castillo last Wednesday “for personal reasons.”

The resignation of the president of the Council of Ministers was announced in the midst of the growing instability that the Castillo government is facing.

Although he rejected Torres’s resignation, Pedro Castillo made changes in the Ministries of Labor, Foreign Affairs, Housing, Economy, Culture, and Transport and Communications.

The new ministerial Cabinet includes Miguel Rodríguez Mckay, who assumes the position of Foreign Minister to replace César Landa, while Kurt Burneo is sworn in as the new head of the Economy and Finance portfolio, replacing Óscar Graham.

There is also the return of parliamentarian Betssy Chávez to the cabinet by taking charge of the Culture portfolio. Salas, the former head of said sector, would go on to command the Labor office.

Since Castillo took office as president on July 28, 2021, he has repeatedly had to change his cabinet, either due to political controversies or corruption investigations.

In total, he has sworn in more than 60 officials, which is a record in the history of the South American country and reflects the institutional weakness with which Castillo has governed.

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