Péter Jakab on the harassment case: There is a statement and a denial

According to Péter Jakab, it is difficult to politicize that since 2010 there has always been a two-thirds headwind to achieve some kind of achievement, but it is not impossible. As an example, he mentioned that the PIT exemption for those under 25 was originally proposed by Jobbik, only they would have set the age limit at 29 years. The pedophile law was also voted for by the right-wing MPs because they demanded stronger action in this area, but added that Fidesz had wrapped it in a non-European-compatible, homophobic law.

The politician considers the Our Country Movement to be the Fidesz satellite party and called Jobbik the right-wing opposition. Peter James emphasized that

the opposition must remain united, but it must show its diversity. There are common national minimums, but we do not think in the same way and in the same way in everything.

Péter Jakab also spoke about the fact that he took over the party in the hope of a change of government on ATV’s Straight Speech, the last two years being determined by the construction of a united opposition. He sees how many voters Jobbik has as an almost theoretical debate and has stated that those who miss the voters of the old Jobbik also want the voice of the old Jobbik.

The party leader explained that if he had tried to “muscle” and fight constituencies in Budapest, they could have a larger faction, but that was not what the allies and voters expected from Jobbik either. The politician also noted that the opposition had weakened in Budapest as well, although Jobbik did not have such a strong base there.

There is a statement and a denial

Regarding the harassment case within Jobbik, Péter Jakab said that after György Szilágyi’s partner turned to the ethics committee, an investigation was launched immediately, and he was informed of the matter by the ethics committee.

The party chairman made it clear that when he became aware of the matter, he was shocked and immediately called György Szilágyi. Jobbik, a former member of parliament, also asked if the incident happened as described by his partner in the ethics petition, why they did not contact the authorities immediately.

Péter Jakab emphasized that the police should have been contacted with this, but even then they went to the party’s ethics committee. Since then, the report has been made anyway. The president of Jobbik summed up the situation by saying there was an allegation and a denial, and the party who had been charged had also taken legal action.

(Cover image: Jakab Péter. Photo: Ajpek Orsi / Index)

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