Petrol reaches new record price

The price of petrol at the pump will rise by more than 5 cents per liter on Tuesday. The FPS Economy announced this on Monday. Never before has fuel been so expensive.


A liter of petrol 95 (E10) may cost a maximum of 1.957 euros from Tuesday, an increase of 5.4 cents. The maximum price of a liter of petrol 98 (E5) climbs by 5.8 cents to 2.069 euros per liter. This means that the maximum prices are even higher than the records of mid-March. At that time, petrol cost 95 and 98 to 1,951 and 2,023 euros per liter respectively.

In March, the government introduced a temporary cut in fuel excise duties, which lowered fuel cap prices by 17.5 cents. Without that discount, prices would now be even higher.

The fixed fuel prices depend on the fluctuations of the quotations of oil products on the international markets. These have increased in particular in connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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