Pets: what does each sound my cat makes mean
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  • “I’m hungry!”.
  • “Play with me!”
  • “I need help!”.

On the other hand, the nocturnal meows They can have other meanings: besides boredom either hungerthis sound can hide a serious illness. If your cat doesn’t let you sleep because of the noise, you should go to the veterinary.


What does the purr mean?

The cat’s purr sounds like a gently humming engine running. If he does it is because he is comfortable Y glad. For example, when you caress or is there something for to eat that he likes a lot. And when they meet another cat, the purr means they are getting closer in a way. friendly. It should be noted that cats can purr with one week of lifethat’s how you let their mom know they are fine.

How do they purr?

cats can purr almost in any situationeven for hours: at breathe in, breathe out, eat or sleep. Still not known how do they make this soundalthough some experts suspect that it is produced with the muscles of the larynxwhich dilate and contract the glottis. Others believe that the cause is the hyoid bone, hard and inelastic, that connects the tongue with the bone of the skull. And, on the other hand, there is the theory that the flaps skin close to the vocal cords participate in purring.



How to know when purring is pain

Cats also purr when they are stressedhave much pain or are dying. A) Yes, they calm down. And, when it’s a combination of purring and meowing, they use it as a I beg.

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