Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva.


Philip Kirkorov and Maxim Galkin have a lot in common in life. And this is not only frying and blinding spotlights and the stage on which they performed together more than once during concerts. A common woman tied their destinies forever. It was Kirkorov who introduced the then legal wife Alla Pugacheva to a young artist who was taking his first steps on stage. If Philip knew what it would turn out for him. But history does not like subjunctive moods. Years later, he managed to maintain excellent relations with both Alla Borisovna and her fifth chosen one. Kirkorov communicates closely with Galkin to this day, which he spoke about.

Philip Kirkorov accepts congratulations on the occasion of his 55th birthday on April 30. The singer celebrates his anniversary on stage – he gave a grand concert. On stage, he tore off his clothes in front of an astonished audience. The hall rejoiced and applauded the king of pop.

The artist has been working hard for the past few months, he was on his nerves. Rehearsals, worries about the health of old dad Bedros, who has been in intensive care since early April.

The singer does not comment on the departure of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin to Israel. It is also not known whether his ex-wife and her showman husband congratulated him. One thing is for sure – they continue to communicate. One of the topics is children. Philip has two of them, like Pugacheva and Galkin.

In Martin and Alla Victoria, which the star father named after his ex-wife, he does not care. The heirs of the singer from childhood grow up in luxury and do not know the need for anything. Nevertheless, Philip tries not to spoil them, but at the same time regularly pleases them.

So, the other day it became known that the musician wants to buy a big railway for his offspring. Fortunately, there are plenty of places in a three-story mansion. “I know that Max Galkin recently ordered a railroad for Harry and Lisa, so I’ll have to call him, ask for the phone number of who did it,” StarHit quotes the celebrity.

Recall that the story of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin began in 2001. The future couple was introduced by Philip Kirkorov, who at that moment was Pugacheva’s husband. Everything happened in Vitebsk. Alla came to the festival “Slavianski Bazaar” with her husband. The couple were guests of honor and members of the jury of the festival.

Galkin at the same time arrived in Vitebsk in splendid isolation. At the festival, the novice comedian had his first solo concert in his life. Pugacheva first saw Maxim in the Eridan Hotel in Vitebsk.

Philip summed up Maxim, introduced: “This is Max Galkin.”

“Some spark ran, and that’s it. I remember that we went down to the hotel lobby, and I saw a handsome bespectacled man. I felt such a look. I turned so angrily and saw those eyes. And the person who looked at me like that was completely I didn’t take my eyes off it,” she said. Alla Borisovna, known for her perspicacity, did not then feel that this meeting would change her life forever.

Galkin called it love at first sight. “At first I had curiosity, interest. How is it, Alla herself? I have always been a fan of her work,” the showman shared.

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