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Twenty years after launching the best selling chair on the planetthe Louis Ghost, Louis XVI style, the French designer Philippe Starck is inspired again by that time to reinterpret the medallion chair, icon of elegance and emblem since the beginning of the French firm Christian Dior. “Chairs are an interesting exercise because they are very difficult to do despite appearances… a little easier than going to the Moon, but not far in terms of difficulty,” the designer joked in an interview with the agency. AFP held in Milan, within the framework of the Furniture Fair which was done this week.

Philippe Starck reinvented the “medallion chair”, an icon of the House of Dior. (Photo: AFP)

Miss Dior chair

Call Miss Diorthe chair with pure lines, and entirely in aluminium, is available in a satin or polished finish, in various shades, such as black chrome, rose copper or gold. In a humorous nod, one of the three models has only one arm.

Imagined by the French carpenter louis delanois in 1769, the chair, with oval medallion-shaped backrestwhich has survived several centuries without mishap, was reinterpreted in 2021 by 17 leading designers –including Pierre Yovanovitch and India Mahdavi–at the request of the House of Dior for the Furniture Fair.

Christian Diorfounder of the haute couture house, since its foundation in 1947 received his guests to fashion shows in armchairs upholstered in wicker or with the emblematic motif Toile-de-Jouywhich he himself described in his memoirs as “sober, simple, extremely classic and Parisian”.

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The Miss Dior chairs with the Starck stamp. (Photo: AFP)
The Miss Dior chairs with the Starck stamp. (Photo: AFP)

To ensure that the Miss Dior chair “lasts as long as possible”, Philippe Starck used an “extremely solid and technical material, with an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable aluminium”. “I undressed the icon, it was something long and complicated”, he explained, to propose a piece with “minimal elegance”, without time, that lasts and “cannot go out of style”, he acknowledges. “Christian Dior gave me the most important opportunity of my life, that of try to square the circle, make the final chair, the icon”, he maintains.

Will Philippe Starck’s new work compete with the successful Louis Ghost chair, the ultra-modern version of the medallion chair created by himself for the Italian brand Kartell, all in transparent plastic? “It is not the same, it does not have the same price or the same materials, these chairs are complementary”, explains the famous designer who recalls that “Dior is the emblem of haute couture”.

Philippe Starck reinvented the “medallion chair”, an icon of the House of Dior

Indeed, the Louis Ghost chair is sold for around 350 euros (373 dollars), while the Miss Dior will cost between 1,700 and 5,000 euros (between 1,800 and 5,300 dollars). “I have to satisfy everyone, it’s about democratic design,” says the designer, who wants his multiple creations to be accessible to the greatest number of people.

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