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Medellin (Colombia), June 22 (EFE).- Atlético Nacional defeated Deportes Tolima 3-1 this Wednesday with a great goal from the center of the field by winger Yerson Candelo, in the first leg of the final of the Apertura Tournament, which will be defined in Ibagué next Sunday.

In addition to Candelo’s goal, the Verdolaga team equalized with a goal from their other side, Danovis Banguero, and defined the match in the last minute with a goal from Andrés ‘el Rifle’ Andrade, while the Vinotinto y Oro had left ahead with a goal from winger Anderson Plata at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín.

The visiting coach, Hernán Torres, proposed an approach in which his team looked orderly in defense and tried to take advantage of the spaces left by his rival to counterattack.

Although he looked comfortable in the opening minutes, the first clear was for the purslane in a great collective play at minute 19 in which midfielder Yeison Guzmán went hand in hand with Ecuadorian goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez, who saved the goal with a slap.

However, Tolima was the one that opened the scoring at 22 when the creative Daniel Cataño sent a center in a corner kick that walked through the area and hit Plata in the stomach, who was alone in front of the goal of a Kevin Shit he couldn’t do anything to avoid scoring.

The hosts, tangled up against a rival who was very well defended, only managed to get closer with individual plays by players like Dorlan Pabón, who almost scored at 33 with a long-distance shot that skimmed the horizontal.

On the next play, the visitors were about to equalize in a counterattack from Plata that finished off, hand in hand, with Mier who managed to stop the ball.

When it seemed that the first half was going to end 0-1, Candelo took out a very strong shot that Domínguez saved, but on the rebound it was left to Banguero who celebrated equality against his former team at minute 43.

In the complementary stage, Atlético Nacional became more dangerous with the entry of Andrade, but the first clear one was for Tolima in a counterattack in which the striker Michael Rangel took a shot that he took with a Mier save.

The match got tangled but Candelo’s goal came. The side stole the ball in his own field, 58 meters from the rival goal, from the Venezuelan Yohandry Orozco, he saw Domínguez left and without thinking twice he took a right hand with which he hung the Ecuadorian goalkeeper, who could not reach the ball and he had to get it out of the bottom of the arch.

After scoring, the visiting team tried to attack but ran into a well-organized rival and a decisive Mier, who again took another clear opportunity before the match ended.

One of the last plays, a counterattack that started with a quick serve by Mier, ended with Andrade scoring, who in the one-on-one match crossed the ball to goalkeeper Domínguez and made the more than 40,000 fans who filled the crowd celebrate. tribunes of the Atanasio Girardot.

Los Verdolagas, led by Hernán Darío ‘el Arriero’ Herrera, will try to maintain the advantage on Sunday in Ibagué with the aim of achieving their seventeenth title in the Colombian league, while Vinotinto y Oro aspires to come back to lift their fourth trophy.

– Data sheet:

3. National Athletic: Kevin Mier; Yerson Candelo, Emanuel Olivera, Juan David Cabal, Danovis Banguero; Jhon Duque (m.46, Andrés Andrade), Sebastián Gómez, Dorlan Pabón (m.81, Alexander Mejía), Yeison Guzmán (m.58, Jarlan Barrera), Daniel Mantilla, and Jefferson Duque (m.90, Giovanni Moreno) .

Trainer: Hernán Darío Herrera.

1. Sports Tolima: Alexander Dominguez; Jonathan Marulanda, Julián Quiñones, José Moya, Junior Hernández; Brayan Rovira, Rodrigo Ureña, Anderson Plata (m.65, Luis Miranda), Daniel Cataño (m.66, Yohandry Orozco), Andrés Ibargüen, and Michael Rangel (m.66, Juan Fernando Caicedo).

Coach: Hernan Torres.

Goals: 0-1, m.22: Anderson Silver. 1-1, m.43: Danovis Banguero. 2-1, m.70: Yerson Candelo. 3-1, m.90+2: Andres Andrade.

Referee: Colombian Éder Vergara. He admonished Cataño, Cabal, Rovira, Quiñones and Ureña.

Incidents: first leg of the Colombian league final played at the Atanasio Girardot stadium in Medellín.


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