Picture of Pique in Sweden with a blonde woman Shakira

Gerard Piqué, defender of Barcelona, ​​is still on the lips of many after the love break with Shakira after 12 years together and recently a photo of who would be his new partner was released.

In social networks they say that it could be a friend of the player.

The Spanish soccer player reappeared publicly after the announcement of his separation from the Barranquilla singer Shakira. Piqué apparently was last weekend in Stockholm, Sweden, for work related to his company Kosmos.

The photo has become viral on social networks, they have left multiple comments in favor of Shakira, who is focused on her career.

Local media have claimed that Gerard Piqué arrived accompanied by a blonde woman who was not Shakira, Swedish influencer Katrin Zytomierska told Socialité.

In addition, they detailed that Alicia Keys, Edward Norton and Naomi Campbell, among other celebrities, attended the party.

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