Phygital experience, the new trend of electronic commerce

It is important to work synergistically, in a common effort among all those responsible for the channels, to provide a single brand experience, regardless of the point of contact through which the customer approaches. Our interactions between the physical world and the online world are becoming increasingly mixed, leading to a tendency to integrate as much as possible the two environments that are already part of our reality.

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The phygital experience is the union between eCommerce and physical stores, taking advantage of the advantages of both environments to build an integrating framework that merges them. There are many ways in which brands can reach consumers, but omnichannel is undoubtedly one of the keys to success from now on.

> When channels converge: uniting the best of each

Taking the best of the online and offline experience is the key to generating a good omnichannel experience and there it is about integrating part of one world into the other and vice versa. Interaction in a physical store or the appropriate response in an online channel continues to be very important and valued by consumers. A person who attends to our needs and knows how to respond to them will be one of the essential pieces of the phygital experience.

During the last years since e.three we are seeing and living an evolution from the customer to omnichannel, where the limit between the virtual and the physical is disappearing, allowing users to live a single seamless experience. For this reason, conventional retail strategies have to be transformed into hybrid retail strategies; with execution possibilities both online and offline. It is essential «to connect with the “buyer persona” of your business, to get to know them and to increase the differentiation with respect to the competition in the purchase preference; customer experience is the asset that makes the company unique and a leader. It is important to think and understand the interactions of people as one without separating the physical from the virtual.

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