Pichetto spoke of drug trafficking: "The conurbano in many places looks like Sinaloa”

Shortly after launching his candidacy for the Presidency for 2023, the Auditor General of the Nation, Miguel Angel Pickettomade harsh statements this Saturday about “the scourge of drug trafficking that grows in Argentina”and although he praised the presence of the head of the Supreme Court along with other judges in the hot city of Rosario, he stressed that “The judges should also pay a visit to La Matanza, because there are many places in the suburbs that look like Sinaloa,” by the infamous Mexican state dominated by drug traffickers decades ago.

He also reflected on the Court’s statements regarding the Government’s lack of commitment against drug trafficking, “I think the Court’s gesture of going to Rosario, to the heart of the problem, is important, although It should also go to the suburbs at some point, in many places it is Sinaloa. I recommend to the Court and the judges to go on a little trip to the slaughter”.

And he added, “in the Judiciary they have to make a self-criticism for drug trafficking in Rosario.”

From a Rosario besieged by drug trafficking, Horacio Rosatti called for “political decision” to face the issue

On the verge of hyperinflation

On the other hand, during the week the results of inflation were announced by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) for which many politicians from different spaces echoed and Miguel Ángel Pichetto was no exception.

In this sense, he reflected stating that the Government “the economy has already been hit, an inflationary process of almost 70 points of inflation per year is not very sustainable. We are on the edge, going through hyperinflationI think this is wrong.”

Mónica Fein: “Drug trafficking does not choose cities, it is a national problem”

He also made reference to the social plans, explaining that it is an issue that must end and look for an Argentina linked to the world of work and growth.

It is a problem because of the impact it has on public spending, there is no country in the world and from Latin America that has this social security model where the State supports millions of people”, concluded the Auditor General of the Nation.


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