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The Carlos Piantini hall of the National Theater was filled with nostalgia, love and melancholy with the dramatic performances of the duo Argentinian Burnet.

The show, which began after 8:40 p.m., took the public back to the 80s and from there began a journey to the present day, compacting the hymns of the brothers Joaquín and Lucía Galán into two hours.

The concert, which celebrates the 40-year career of the artists, was produced under the production of artistic producer Pedro García from SkyPro, it included congratulations from other artists such as Julio Iglesias, Maluma, Ricardo Montaner, Gloria and Emilio Estefan.


“Tomorrow”, “This is not love – I am”, “Vivir sin ti”, “Una flor” and “Cómo le digo” were the first songs that filled the entire room with choirs after recounting what had been experienced during these years.

The audience that gathered on the night of Monday the 21st at the National Theater applauded, chanted and sang most of the songs performed by Burnet.

“Dominican Republic have been in our lives, in our first stories. We want to thank not only those who have grown up with us, especially all those fathers and mothers who have been passing our music on to their children, thank you for allowing us to be in their families”, said Joaquín.

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The show also had the support of five musicians and two choristers who joined two dancers to accompany the Argentine duet on their musical journey.

Between songs and songs, the iconic heartbreaks had a large screen on stage showing videos of the songs and others made for the occasion, transporting the public to each time when themes such as: “Tell me in front of her” , from 1982, “A esa”, “Decide” and “Valiente” stole the hearts of many people.

When the clock marked 10:00 at night, many stood up, danced, sang and caught the good vibes of Joaquín and Lucía Galán.

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Shortly after, the artists invited attendees to turn on the lights on their phones to pay homage to the loves that are not forgotten, such as parents, siblings and loved ones, receiving an immediate response to their request.

“For those who continue to have the privilege of having them (the parents), hug them a lot, tell them that you love them, show them, sometimes out of shyness or because we think they have to know, we don’t tell them and life goes by very quickly and moments with them too”, said Lucía before interpreting “Love cannot be forgotten”.

These songs, especially those born in the 80s, the artists highlighted that they were a kind of premonition that allowed them to try to carry their music and that through this they have confidence, be heard and not allow themselves to continue enduring lies, abuse, blows or insults.

The repertoire included, among others, songs such as: “First me”, “For that man”, “Dueña de la noche”, “Hermanos”, “La familia” “Treason”, “Forget me and turn around” and “How much I love you”, with which they said goodbye, thanking the fidelity during these four decades and for celebrating together the “Burnet: 40 years Tour”.

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