Piquetera Unit returns to the streets, with a march to ministries
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The main leaders of the Piquetera Unit have already defined a road map to demand an extension of food assistance to kitchens and tools for enterprises: they will march next Tuesday the 22nd, after the match of the Argentine National Team in his World Cup debut in Qatar, to the Ministries of Labor and Social Development.

The start of a new fight plan, which may include camping, as you may have known. PROFILEis related to the lack of responses that the representatives of the most critical social movements of the Government see from the portfolio that it leads Victory Toulouse Peace.

“We have to see if the commitments are met, a salary championship against inflation will be played because for the colleagues of Potenciar Trabajo there is no world championship, there are work needs. We want to have resolved the food issue and the tools to work, with peace of mind for the families”, Mónica Sulle, the figure of the MST Teresa Vive, made clear to this medium.

National picketing: social movements threaten a total cut indefinitely

Among the requests, a bonus is also included for those beneficiaries of the Potenciar Trabajo in view of the economic situation, since they consider that inflation has risen a lot and “something must be done.” Sulle also took it upon himself to explain that “the lack of genuine job creation led to the creation of social plans and from Milei to Cristina they hold us responsible for things that are the responsibility of the State. From the Piquetera Unit we want registered work, decent work. We are not going to take responsibility for the defamation of social movements”.

Regarding this last sentence, in the midst of AFIP reports that alerted “irregularities” among beneficiaries of social assistance, the picketers pointed out that there are “political operations” and “absolutely” ruled out that those who receive social plans in UP “pay large taxes and buy Dollars”.

Victoria Tolosa Paz: “There are officials who I call for reflection”

In fact, this Thursday they gave a press conference and released: “Information has come out from the Government that is false and that it has the objective of cutting social plans and continuing to push those who have less to adjust. The information that there would be enormously rich people , that pay for personal goods and buy dollars and that you would receive social plans, has a clear political intent,” they stated.

Guillermo Marijuán, on the irregularities in Potenciar Trabajo: “The healthiest thing is to suspend these plans”

Today, the Piquetero Unit is made up of organizations such as the Polo Obrero, the MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, the Barrios de Pie Movement, the National Piquetero Bloc, the Armando Conciencia Group and the November 17 Organization, the MTR Teresa Rodríguez, a faction of the FOL and the Liberation Territorial Movement (MTL-Rebelde).


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