Piquetero Unit marches to the Ministries of Social Development and Labor
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Ignacio Petunchi

“On Tuesday, first let’s watch the game (of the Argentine soccer team in the World Cup in Qatar) and we are going to support Argentina, but also let’s cheer for living wagesabove inflation, because the minimum wage cannot be below the poverty line,” the leader of the worker pole (PO) Edward Belliboni.

In addition to the PO, the UP is made up of MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, Barrios de Pie Movement, the National Piquetero Bloc, the Armando Conciencia Group and the Organization November 17the MTR Teresa Rodrigueza faction of FOLIO and the Liberation Territorial Movement (MTL-Rebel).

They are also part of Coordinator for Social Changethe Socialist Workers Movement (MST), the Federation of Grassroots Organizations (FOB) and the Workers’ Neighborhood Movement (MBT).

Eduardo Belliboni Left March May 1st

Eduardo Belliboni.

Mariano Fuchila

Salary Council meets

On the same day, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor and at 4:00 p.m., the Council of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage (SMVyM) will meet.

“It is not by chance that they meet on game day, they do it to hide a proposal below the poverty line”attacked Belliboni, who also assured that “they chose the date between roosters and midnight” to evaluate an update of the basic salary in the country, today in $57,900“something that neither the Government nor the CGT exposed”.

Faced with accumulated inflation that climbed to 88% per yearaccording to the latest report of the INDECthe referent of the Polo Obrero questioned the workers union and unions related to Kirchnerism: “The CGT and the CTA did not issue a single word about all this, they are thinking of Cristina (Kirchner) and the electoral organization”.

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In parallel, Belliboni questioned the last act of the Vice President in the silver under the militancy day. “It has to do with the aspirations of positioning yourself as if it were oppositionasking the Gendarmerie in the street, which made a facho as (Sergio) Berni said it was music to his ears”, he marked.

Lastly, regarding the scandal surrounding irregularities in the granting of benefits of the Enhance Workheld that “You have to get it out of the one who is wrongly included”. However, he asserted that the publication of the INDEC report -which revealed the irregularities- led to a campaign to “adjust social plans” plus “responds to an official insider”.

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Ignacio Petunchi

“This is a fight between La Cámpora and the Evita Movement, and they use people”argued Belliboni. And he concluded: “The Government intends to cancel the social plansSo they want to stigmatize us, treat us as profiteers. They went from saying that there were 250,000 fake beneficiaries to finally being 2,800.”

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