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This Tuesday the social organizations will once again march towards the ministries of Social Development and Labor. Leftist groups will mobilize at both venues to request food assistance for community kitchens and request tools for productive enterprises. However it will be after the game of Argentina versus Saudi Arabia in the World Cup in Qatar.

The cuts had been announced last Thursday when, at a press conference, the leaders of the Piquetera Unit reported that this Tuesday they would claim from 1:00 p.m. in front of Social Development and that they would then go to the building of the portfolio that they direct. Rachel Kelly Olmoslocated at 600 Leandro N. Alem avenue, where the Vital and Mobile Minimum Wage Council (SMVM).

The leader of the Partido Obrero (PO), Eduardo Belliboni, told the press that they are going to start picketing once the match of the Argentine National Team is over: “On Tuesday, first we are going to watch the game and we are going to support Argentina, but we are also going to support living wagesabove the inflationbecause the minimum wage cannot be below the line of poverty”.

“We are going from the Ministry of Social Development because We are on alert to see if the government complies with the delivery of food and tools with which he committed himself, but We go from there to the Ministry of Labor where the vital and mobile minimum wage is discussed”, anticipated the militant to PROFILE.

Eduardo Belliboni, leader of the PO

The organizations that make up the Piquetera Unit, in addition to the PO, are: MTR-Votamos Luchar, CUBA-MTR, Movimiento Barrios de Pie, the Bloque Piquetero Nacional, the Agrupación Armando Conciencia and the Organization 17 de Noviembre, the MTR Teresa Rodríguez, a fraction of the FOL, the Movimiento Territorial Liberación (MTL-Rebelde), the Coordination for Social Change, the Socialist Movement of Workers (MST), the Federation of Grassroots Organizations (FOB) and the Neighborhood Movement of Workers (MBT).

Piquetera Unit marches to the Ministry of Labor after the debut of the Argentine team in Qatar 2022

The demonstrations will take place after Tolosa Paz announced that the amount of the Food card will receive a 40% increase, raising the values ​​from $9,000 to $12,500 for those who have 1 child; at 19,900 pesos for those families with two children; and 25 thousand pesos for those who have 3 or more children. Thus, attendance has already increased by 90% so far this year.

The picketers also targeted the government after it became known that 250,000 beneficiaries of social plans bought dollars and declared Personal Assets.

Tolosa Paz’s explanation of the irregularities in the plans

The Minister of Social Development, Victoria Tolosa Paz, defended the beneficiaries of the Potenciar Trabajo plan and pointed out that there was a “double stigmatization” in the information that was disseminated. In addition, he confirmed that an audit of the portfolio he heads will begin on Monday.

“We are not going to allow the double stigmatization: to the people and to a State far from the efficiency and control. We are guaranteeing administrative processes. We are committed to ordering social policies,” the official said at a press conference.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that, after the cross-linking of data between the Central Bank and the AFIP, “947 holders are now suspended and go to the evaluation stage.”

“99.7% of the people who are inside correspond to this transfer of income. With 0.3% of people who for some reason did not meet part of the conditions, we are going to be inflexible,” he said in this regard,

In addition, he stated that “the program is not incompatible with the fact of having a car that is more than 10 years old, or having a motorcycle, a property in the name of a person who has the program.” So he stated that “There were many versions of stigmatization of the women and men who have the program as essential for Argentina.”


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