Pisces Horoscope today, Sunday, November 13, 2022
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Your communication skills will be on the surface. However, try not to talk too much because you will reveal things that you should not.

Love: Your partner knows that you are up to something suspicious. A mutual friend opened his mouth and said the wrong thing. Be sincere.

Wealth: The bad streaks are over, it is time to reap what you sowed and enjoy the achievements obtained with effort.

Wellness: Don’t be afraid to make a change in the image that the mirror returns to you. Remember that renewing is living.

Pisces Characteristics

Is he twelfth zodiac sign and belongs, together with Cancer and Scorpio, to the water element. Its opposite and complementary sign is Virgo and it is ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. It is part of the double signs like Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

People born under the sign Pisces they are more emotional than rational and they express better what they feel with actions than with words. They are very loved by others because they have an affable, affectionate and kind character.

  • Element: Water
  • Modality: changeable
  • Polarity: Feminine (Yin)
  • ruling planet: Neptune and Jupiter
  • House: 12
  • Metal: Tin.
  • Stone: Amethyst, chrysolet, topaz
  • Color: sea ​​green, blue, purple
  • Constellation: Pisces

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