Plane held in Ezeiza: Justice authorized the Iranian crew to return to their country.

The federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena rejected habeas corpus this Sunday that the lawyer Resnick Brenner had presented so that the passports of the Iranians who were on the plane that was retained at the Ezeiza international airport be returned.

Villena considered that Migrations correctly withheld the passports because there were valid suspicions. However, the Iranians have a precarious permit as a crew member that allows them to stay in the country for up to 15 days or, the other option, is to go to the airport and -in that case- Migration has to give them the passports to leave the country.

The judge transferred it to prosecutor Icardona, who until now has not requested any restrictive measure on the Iranians. As long as she doesn’t take action, passengers can go to the airport to return to their country.

Nevertheless, Villena believes that the situation is irregular and that there may have been a crime.

In the Government, the situation opened two positions: one, that of the intelligence agencies that want the plane to stay in the country to continue an investigation. Another line hopes that the Iranians will leave as soon as possible.

Who are the Iranians who arrived in the country

The Boeing 747 belonging to the airline Mahan Air and coming from Caracas, entered the country last Monday when local intelligence services received an alert of Uruguay after this country refused to approve their entry for the refueling of the plane.

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After 48 hours, local authorities detained the aircraft and the crew, who numbered 19 people, including 14 Venezuelans and five Iranian citizens who identified themselves as: Mohammad Khosraviaragh; Gholamreza Ghasemi; Mahdi Mouseli; Saeid Vali Zadeh; and, Abdulbaset Mohammadi.

International analyst Andrei Serbin Pont confirmed Ghasemi’s identity. “He is the Gholamreza Ghasemi of Qeshm and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards”He noted on social media.

The citizens of Venezuela were released and the Iranians are expected to leave the country in a few hours.

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