Facebook, Julián Andrés Aladino Valencia
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Aladdin is now one of the 8 victims of the accident that shook the Belén Rosales sector of the capital of Antioquia at the beginning of this week.

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While the causes of the accident remain to be defined, including possible responsibilities of his as commander, some images were released from his social networks, in which it is seen that he has been a pilot for multiple celebrities in the country with messages in which he showed his love for his work and the happiness that being in the air gave him.

Perhaps the most notorious of all those who flew with the late pilot is the number 10 of the Colombian National Team James Rodríguez, according to photos dating from July 1, 2017:

There was also a short video of his service to the ‘crack’ of the Greek Olimpiacos:

A few days later he would have been in Cartagena with James, and in a photo he also appears with Juan Fernando Quintero.

Facebook, Julián Andrés Aladino Valencia

But there were not only soccer players among its passengers. Although it is not seen if he flew with him, he also has a photo with the Olympic boxer Yuberjén Martínez, in 2016:

In 2015 he appeared with the singer Víctor Manuelle, although it is not known for sure if he flew with him:

That same year he flew with the Piso 21 group and in 2014 he would have done it with Juanes, according to other photos posted on his Facebook account.

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As the hours go by, more details of the crew and passengers of the plane continue to be known.

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For now, the authorities have not advanced details with credible bases that support one or another hypothesis about what happened.

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