"Please family, be careful with the children": This is the WhatsApp audio that prompted the lynching of young Daniel Picazo

“Please family, be careful with the children”, is heard in one of the audios that were broadcast among inhabitants of Huauchinango, in Mexicoand that prompted the lynching of Daniel Picazo, a young lawyer and collaborator of the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the audio obtained by days before the lynching, among the inhabitants shared an audio via WhatsApp in which the voice of a man is heard who, with a tone of desperation and anguish, asks people to take care of their children because they are being stolen.

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However, the same man expresses that “that happened three days ago in the municipality of Ocosingo”, a town belonging to the state of Chiapas.

“Please family, be careful with the children, I beg you. They can pass the warning to others”, is heard in the audio in which insist that the audio be shared “And when you see that they are loading the children into the cars and yell at the children, help them.”

To this call, whose origin is unknown, a second audio was added in which A woman reports that they closed the road in an area known as La Gallera, in Cuamila, because they found a truck that was trying to take some children.

The people were inflamed: Mayor of Huauchinango

The woman asks everyone to be careful, as there is fear among the mothers and adds that they even no longer want to participate in their activities.

Meanwhile, Rogelio López Angulo, municipal president of Huauchinangoin an interview with El Universal Puebla, confirmed that people were incensed by this misinformation that circulated through social networks.

“The municipal police made a tour of the entire municipality and found absolutely nothing, and there was no complaint. We put out a statement to the population, to don’t believe in fake newsand all of that was days before the lynching,” he explained.

The municipal president said that even so there were some “inciters” who they misunderstood that Daniel Picazo was unknown and he was wanting to steal the children, but that was totally untrue.

There are already 5 detainees for the lynching of Daniel Picazo

for the lynching of Daniel Picazolawyer and collaborator of the Chamber of Deputies, the Puebla Attorney General’s Office reported that it arrested five people.

The Attorney General of the State of Puebla reported that it obtained and fulfilled arrest warrants against alleged perpetrators who participated in the events in the murder of the young lawyer that occurred over the weekend.

The prosecution obtained search warrants for 12 properties and managed to arrest five men: Óscar N., Alejandro N., Raymundo N., Abraham N. and Oswaldo N.

Miguel Barbosa Huerta, governor of Puebla, said that among the detainees is the person who allegedly set it on fire.

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