Poland concludes talks with Brussels on blocked recovery plan

Poland has concluded negotiations with Brussels on the post-Covid-19 recovery plan, which should allow its rapid unblocking by the European Commission, the Polish Government said this Friday.

“Both the team on the Polish side and the team that was created by the President of the European Commission reached an agreement on the content” of the main points of the plan, said the spokesman of the Polish Government, Piotr Müller.

This means, according to the spokesman, that the recovery plan, worth a total of around 35 billion euros, “should be formally approved” in the coming days.

“We are currently awaiting a final step from the European Commission,” added Müller.

The Polish post-Covid-19 recovery plan was blocked by Brussels due to conflicts over the state of justice in Poland and, in particular, the existence of the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court, a body accused by the European Union of undermining the independence of the judges.

Today, the European Commission underlined, in a message published on the social network Twitter, that “the Polish plan should include commitments to: dismantle the Disciplinary Chamber, reform the disciplinary regime and reinstate illegally dismissed judges”.

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