Fanni Szentesi

The Debrecen Police Headquarters is conducting proceedings Fanni Szentesi disappearance. On March 13, the 17-year-old girl left Debrecen for an unknown place.

Fanni Szentesi has about 170 centimeters tall, thin-bodied, shoulder-length brown hair.

The police ask anyone who has information about the young girl’s whereabouts to report in person at the Debrecen Police Station (Debrecen, Budai Ézsaiás utca 4) or by calling 06-52 / 457-040, available 24 hours a day. , or the telephone number on 06-80 / 555-111 or the toll-free number 112. Reports are treated confidentially by the police.

Fanny Szentesi


Fruzina disappeared from an orphanage

The Tamási Police Headquarters is conducting a circling procedure Kovács Fruzsina Amanda due to his disappearance. The 15-year-old girl left the Reception Children’s Home on Szikla Street in Pécs on the 9th of April in the afternoon, her whereabouts have been unknown ever since, and she shows no sign of life.

The teenager is about 163 inches tall, weighs 65 pounds, has a normal body, brown eyes, and dyed red hair.

When he left, he wore black pants, a gray hooded sweater, and red sneakers. Presumed location Dombóvár, Pécs and surroundings.

Kovács Fruzsina Amanda

Kovács Fruzsina Amanda


The Tamási Police Headquarters asks that anyone who has information about the girl’s current whereabouts in the picture report in person at 3–4, 7090 Tamási, Kossuth tér. call 06-74 / 573-910 or call the freephone 06-80-555-111 toll-free number or the 112 emergency number.

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