Police are investigating whether the drummer of the Foo Fighters may have taken drugs before his death

The cause of Taylor Hawkins’ death has still not been officially announced, but Colombian police are investigating whether drug use may have played a role in the tragedy. As the Index wrote, Foo Fighters drummer died in a Colombian hotel during the band’s South American tour.

The musician asked for help from Casa Medina staff because of his chest pain, who immediately called an ambulance but could no longer save his life. A statement from Bogotá’s health office does not mention that the death could be linked to drug use, but police are investigating the possibility.

And a Bogota radio reported that white dust had been found in the musician’s room.

Hawkins, who spoke openly about his struggle with drug addiction years ago, is thought to he may have had a heart attack, but the cause of death has not yet been determined. Colombian police interrogated the musician’s manager and members of the security staff, and they said those close to Hawkins did not rule out the possibility that the tragedy may have something to do with drugs.

Sun said the drummer was probably not alone when he got sick, suggesting empty bottles were found in his room.

The fifty-year-old musician was the father of three children. In 2001, four years after joining the Foo Fighters, he went into a coma due to an overdose of heron as a he said in a later interview, then he realized he had gone too far. The music world and fans were shocked by the tragedy, with the stars saying goodbye to Hawkins on their social sites.

(Cover image: Mourning fan at Casa Medina in Bogota. Photo: Reuters / Luisa Gonzalez )

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