Police harass the mother who broke through to save her children from the school shooting

The mother has since criticized the authorities in several public speeches for not responding adequately to the assassination and hesitating to evacuate the children during the Texas shooting. There seems to be less and less tolerance for criticism on the part of the police, the Jezebel.

The woman’s lawyer, Mark Di Carlo, recently said the police were being reported, and the reasons were: the police had recently accused her client of smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, but a patrol had parked her car in the woman’s house. and did not move from there for three-quarters of an hour. When Angeli Gomez’s mother left the house, she even turned on the flashing lights.

The lawyer says police have even approached one of the woman’s family members to tell him not to tell the media anymore.

Angeli Gomez and her lawyer are determined to take the case to court, and to do so they want to collect as much evidence as possible. However, the woman is not only driven by revenge for her personal grievances, but also wants the police officers who did not do their job properly in the shooting to be fired.

The police do not tolerate the criticism, despite the fact that they also admit: they made a mistake. The police were not the only ones criticized by this mother.

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